An Alternative VCT Floor Care System is Available

There is an alternative VCT floor care available.  VCT has been losing market share for a decade or more to LVT and Polished Concrete, especially in health care and retail. VCT is being removed in increasing volume and being replaced by these competitive flooring products.  Many believe VCT is in a death spiral. Mannington recently sold its VCT business to Armstrong for a relatively modest $30 million, which certainly supports the view that VCT is no longer an important flooring category for the commercial markets.

Why VCT Lost Substantial Market Share?

Enhancements to the visual appeal and performance of LVT and Polished Concrete have contributed to VCT’s market share decline. In addition, VCT has always had an inherent lifecycle cost disadvantage.  The higher lifecycle cost has kept the door open to the competitive flooring alternatives.

The concept of VCT with a high, maybe the highest resilient flooring life cycle cost, has always seemed counter intuitive to many.  VCT is a low-cost flooring to buy and install.  Why is VCT’s total lifecycle costs so high?  The flooring itself is not the problem.  The high cost is the result of the products and technology used to maintain the VCT flooring.  VCT has been dragging this heavy burden for years.  An alternative VCT floor care system is available.

Micron Film for Commercial Floors

VCT must shed this burden if it is going to survive, let alone thrive.  It must reduce ongoing maintenance costs, to realize a new lease on life.  VCT must move away from wax and its technology.  VCT must lower its lifecycle cost.

Do you know the industry maintenance rule?  The rule is 80% of floor care using wax is labor.  Only 20% of floor care cost is product.

For decades, VCT has been maintained with inexpensive, low cost products combined with lots of labor hours to maintain these products.  This approach has been “killing” VCT during the past decade.  This approach has resulted in VCT having one of the highest, if not the highest, lifecycle costs of any resilient flooring.  This paradigm needs to end and end soon if VCT is to survive!  Given the competitive ferocity from LVT, Polished Concrete and other flooring categories, these past maintenance practices are no longer sustainable.

What can VCT Do to Regain Market Share?

VCT must lower its life cycle cost of ownership to be more competitive.  And, do it quick!  It must stop relying on floor finish or wax with its 40+ year technology.   It must move to a floor care Solution/System/Approach, which greatly reduces the VCT life cycle cost by significantly reducing labor requirements.  VCT needs to reverse or significantly alter the 80:20 rule.  There is no other way!  There is an alternative VCT floor care system available with NeverStrip.

 NeverStrip has an Answer – An Alternative VCT Floor Care?

Wax fortified by urethane has proven not to be the answer.  It is hard to work with and even harder to remove.  Urethane coatings alone, although they have a place, are not the answer for the billions of square feet of installed VCT around the world.  Higher solid content wax or greener wax or easier ways to strip floor finish with specialized equipment are not the answer, since they do not substantially address the 80:20 rule.

NeverStrip Floor Coatings’ Micron Film Technology, Products and Systems could be the answer for billions of square feet of installed VCT and many billions of new installations to come.   NeverStrip Vinyl Seal and its inorganic, Nano based technology provides VCT a chance for a new lease on life, not only survival but growth. The NeverStrip Micron Technology and Products can alter the historical 80:20 maintenance rule and materially lower VCT life cycle maintenance costs.

Benefits of NeverStrip on VCT compared to Wax

Check out the Benefits comparing VCT with wax to using the NeverStrip Micron Film System with Vinyl Seal at Commercial, Education, Health Care and Retail Facilities.  Vinyl Seal is an alternative VCT floor care system.

  • Substantial, 30% or more, ongoing reduction in overall costs (due to lower labor content) has been achieved in demanding grocery store environments (based on 18-month actual grocery store results)
  • 50% or greater reduction of burnishing frequency
  • 50% or greater reduction of scrub and recoat frequency
  • 100% typical reduction of ongoing stripping (although NeverStrip Vinyl Seal is easily stripped, if desired)
  • Far less appearance variability day to day, week to week, month to month
  • Easily refreshable like wax; Repairs blend easily
  • Applied like wax with microfiber pad
  • Avoids wax build-up along the edges
  • Essentially the same shine/appearance as 8 burnished coats of higher solids floor finish (wax) with only 4 burnished coats of NeverStrip
  • 3-6 times faster drying times than wax (5-10 minutes vs. 30 minutes or more per coat with wax)
  • More sustainable than wax-not made from hydrocarbons, less water usage, less electricity usage, less solid waste creation, less VOCs put into the air
  • Get the floor done in one day vs. two days for wax due to wax limitations on # of coats per day
  • Less odor than wax
  • Elimination of stripping odors, since you do not have to strip NeverStrip
  • Dramatically less interference to office, hospital, education and retail operations
  • Estimated 90% reduction in burnishing dust
  • Equal to or better wet slip coefficient compared to wax
  • Better stain resistance compared to wax
  • Elimination of slippery floor conditions during stripping due to the elimination of stripping, resulting in less probability of worker compensation claims or other slip and fall claims from stripping operations
  • Thinner film thickness results in less floor distortion: (4 thinner NeverStrip coats vs. 8 thicker coats of wax—Thicker is not better
  • Coverage of 4,000 to 6,000 sq. feet per gallon per coat provides for lower material cost per sq. foot



NeverStrip Micron Film System with Vinyl Seal has the Performance, Cost Effectiveness and Appearance to replace wax on billions of square feet of flooring in highly demanding commercial, education, health care and retail facilities.  It is an alternative VCT floor care system.

A significant reduction of VCT life cycle costs makes NeverStrip a logical choice to replace wax.   Lower life cycle cost could slow down or even stop the decline of the installed base converting to other flooring and allow VCT to regain its share of new flooring sales.

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