Benefits of NeverStrip Instant Films

NeverStrip Instant Film coatings are all fully cured with 2-seconds of UV light exposure using the appropriate UV light equipment. These instant films provide several benefits to the user including:

– Immediate return to service

– Exceptional durability
– Exceptional chemical and stain resistance
– Exceeds NSFI’s recommendation for high traction on wet floors

—– NeverStrip Grip can be mixed into the product providing even higher traction

– Non yellowing
– Less than 50 g/l of VOC
– Available in Gloss, Semi-Gloss, Satin and Matte finishes

Where and why immediate return to service is useful: Immediate return to service allows areas in 24-hour operations to be coated and cured with minimal downtime. This opens up a whole new market such as healthcare.

Exceptional durability and stain resistance: These traits make NeverStrip Instant Films a perfect fit for chemically demanding environments such as science rooms in schools, chemical labs, and hospital operating and emergency rooms.

High traction: The high traction, which all NeverStrip Instant Films exhibit, makes them an attractive solution for environments requiring higher traction including locker rooms, restrooms with showers, ramps, operating rooms, etc.

Non-yellowing, low VOC, and several gloss levels: The non-yellowing nature of the NeverStrip Instant Film coatings provides any environment with an attractive option for coating their floors. The low VOCs of these high-performance films allow them to be used in virtually any indoor commercial environment. The several gloss options vary from high gloss to satin to matte, which allows one to meet a wide range of needs.