Sealing ProtectAll Flooring

Sealing ProtectAll Flooring

Posted On April 10, 2019 By Dave Beedie
A Kansas City entertainment venue was interested in sealing ProtectAll Flooring.  During 2018,  2,500 square feet of Protect-All flooring was installed. The facility selected the Protect-All flooring for its sound absorbing properties, durability a ...
Restore paver quarry tile floors

Restore paver quarry tile floors

Posted On March 7, 2019 By Dave Beedie
Restore Paver Quarry Tile Floors Vassar College needed to restore paver quarry tile floors. These floors were in prominent campus buildings. A previous attempt using floor finish or wax turned into a nightmare. Ernie Hempel, President Ernest Effort F ...
Polish Terrazzo

Polish Terrazzo with NeverStrip Stone, Terrazzo and Concrete Seal™

Posted On February 1, 2019 By Dave Beedie
Polish terrazzo with NeverStrip Stone, Terrazzo and Concrete Seal™ is lower cost with high quality, lower maintenance and long-lasting durability. Janitorial Management, Inc. NeverStrip Micron Technology The NeverStrip Micron Family of High Perfor ...
Seal LVT Seams

Seal LVT Seams to Protect the Adhesive and Keep Odors from Developing

Posted On January 26, 2019 By Dave Beedie
How does one seal LVT seams when Luxury Vinyl Tile “LVT” most often has a factory-applied urethane coating. These UV cured coatings protect the floor from abuse and allow LVT floors, in most cases, to go without a sealer or finish applied ...
linoleum restoration

Linoleum Restoration with NeverStrip Vinyl Seal™

Posted On January 13, 2019 By Dave Beedie
Linoleum is a green, sustainable flooring choice. Demanding commercial traffic will scratch and dull any flooring. Linoleum is no exception. NeverStrip Vinyl Seal NeverStrip Vinyl Seal is a great choice for linoleum restoration. Vinyl Seal is part of ...
Lower floor care costs

Lower Floor Care Costs with NeverStrip Floor Coatings

Posted On November 1, 2018 By Dave Beedie
Lower floor care costs by using NeverStrip Floor Coatings. NeverStrip Thin-Film and Micron floor coatings reduce labor costs. These products decrease floor care activities, which reduces labor hours. These products are for residential and commercial ...
ceramic porcelain sealer

Ceramic Porcelain Sealer

Posted On May 18, 2018 By Dave Beedie
Ceramic Porcelain Sealer A high quality, commercial grade ceramic porcelain sealer has been hard to find. Not any more!  NeverStrip Tile Seal™ is a high quality, commercial grade ceramic porcelain sealer. Apply Tile Seal onto ceramic, porcelain, ...
Cost Effective Marble Restoration

Cost Effective Marble Restoration

Posted On May 8, 2018 By Dave Beedie
T.V.S. Floor Coatings and Restoration completed a cost effective marble restoration. A homeowner was going to replace all the marble flooring in her house. Over 3,500 square feet. The homeowner assumed that she needed to replace the marble, at a cost ...
NeverStrip Micron Polishing for Concrete

NeverStrip Micron Polishing for Concrete™

Posted On April 16, 2018 By Dave Beedie
 Faster polished concrete to a 1600 grit appearance is achieved with NeverStrip..  This is a faster System compared to mechanical polishing systems. The labor costs are much less for a comparable or equal appearance.   NeverStrip and a global conc ...
improve traction on wet floors

Improve traction wet stamped concrete

Posted On March 24, 2018 By Dave Beedie
Improve traction with NeverStrip Liquid Grip™ NS_SDS_Liquid Grip Step 1 NS_SDS_Liquid Grip Step 2 NS_PDS_Liquid Grip Liquid Grip improves traction. The project was an outdoor, stamped concrete walkway at an Atlanta church. The church building overh ...