NeverStrip Micron Category

NeverStrip’s Micron coatings are a special, unique type of coating. The Micron-thin, inorganic technology underpinning the products have characteristics and attributes, which offer substantial business benefits on a broad range of surfaces with many applications.


Micron Product

NeverStrip Stone, Terrazzo and Concrete Micron System™

NeverStrip’s Stone, Terrazzo and Concrete System for natural stone, terrazzo and concrete is simply a faster, less expensive way to polish these surfaces to an attractive and durable finish compared to conventional diamond polishing approaches by:

1. Requiring less time to complete

2. Using less materials

3. Lessening the man hours with reduced polishing steps and faster drying

4. Reducing diamond and equipment usage

5. Better protecting the flooring surface

6. Being more easily refreshable

7. Being less messy process

8. Saving money

9. Being Greener

10. Providing an equal to or better reflection (shine) and an equal or superior performance (abrasion, scratch, Cleanability, and stain)

11. Eliminating a separate densification step

Applicable applications are:

– Retail

– Schools

– Restaurants

– Public Buildings

– Airports

NeverStrip Tile and Grout Micron System™

NeverStrip’s Tile and Grout Micron System incorporates NeverStrip’s cleaners, Color Sealer for grout and NeverStrip Tile Seam to provide a high performing and natural looking Tile and Grout Restoration.

The Tile and Grout Micron System is prove for commercial and residential restrooms, office building lobbies and fast food restaurants. Its incredibly rapid dry time (minutes not hours) and no odor make this an attractive choice in busy 24/7 operations.

Tile Seal is available in Matte or the original Satin sheen.

NeverStrip Resilient Flooring Micron System™

NeverStrip’s Resilient Flooring Micron System is a superb alternative to the use of conventional floor finish or wax. The backbones of this system are NeverStrip Micron Primer, NeverStrip Vinyl Seal, NeverStrip Micron Clean and NeverStrip Restore Clean.

Vinyl Seal compared to wax can: 1) reduce burnishing by 50% or more, 2) replace frequent scrub and recoats with scrub and burnish, 3) decrease recoat frequency by 50% of more and 4) eliminate the need for ongoing stripping.

The NeverStrip Resilient Flooring Micron System with Vinyl Seal is ideally suited for heavily used and maintained facilities such as: grocery stores, schools, retail, airports and similar venues.

Floor surfaces are VCT, LVT, sheet vinyl and rubber.

Vinyl Seal can provide a wide range of sheens ranging from Matte to Satin to Gloss. Vinyl Seal does not typically provide the high shine went look appearance associated with a newly burnished wax floor. However, the gloss levels do not fluctuate like a conventional floor finish. Higher sheens can be achieved with higher speed propane burnishing machines. Vinyl Seal, like NeverStrip’s other Micron coatings, can be in-use within 15 minutes after application.

NeverStrip Liquid Grip High Traction System™

The NeverStrip Liquid Grip High Traction System offers high wet coefficient of friction (.85-.90 with BOT 3000E Traction Meter). It comes in two quart bottles (Step One and Step Two) with supplied 9″ foam applicators.

Liquid Grip can be applied onto essentially any flooring surface including:



– Sheet Vinyl

– Concrete

– Ceramic

– Porcelain

– Quarry Tile

– Natural Stone

– Terrazzo

The High Traction Micron System is essentially odorless and has in-use times measured in minutes.

The High Traction Micron System is ideal for any commercial flooring space, especially wet, where higher coefficient of friction is the goal. Applications on ramps, locker rooms, shower floors, and restrooms, building lobbies are just a few locations for this system.