Tile and Grout

NeverStrip Color Sealer™ is a premium grade opaque grout sealant that is oil repellent, stain resistant, breathable, flexible, waterproof, color stable and non-yellowing. It contains granite resin for durability, modified densification agents for easy application and constant acting mildicides to help fight bacteria, mold and mildew. Available in many colors, this sealer will create a clean consistent appearance, while providing ultimate protection for your grout. Color sealer is available in 32 standard colors. NeverStrip will color match any major grout manufacturers grout colors.

NeverStrip Color Release™ is a micro film forming surface treatment that creates a temporary sacrificial protective film for easy removal of excess Color Sealer from tile surfaces. NeverStrip Color Release makes removing NeverStrip Color Sealer from tile surfaces a snap!

NeverStrip Deep Clean™ is a high alkaline cleaner. It is specifically formulated to deep clean tile and grout floors. Deep Clean is a proven, highest performing cleaner able to tackle North America’s grimiest restroom floors.

NeverStrip Grout Prep™ is a low pH organic sodium solution that safely restores grout to like-new condition without etching tile surfaces. This unique high performance product will open grout pores, reduce high spots and create an ideal surface for application of NeverStrip Color Sealer.

Tile Seal™ is a proprietary, inorganic Micron thin sealer for ceramic, porcelain, quarry and brick. Tile Seal has outstanding adhesion to these surfaces without any additives or abrasion.

Tile Seal is applied thin with a looped microfiber pad at 1,000 to 1,500 sq. feet per quart per application. Two or three coats are applied to the ceramic, porcelain, and quarry tile or brick surface.

Tile Seal has proven itself. It is exceeding expectations during the past at Class A office building restrooms; high traffic fast food restaurants and demanding tile and grout restrooms in the USA manufacturing facility of a global automotive manufacturer.

Tile Seal has a low Satin sheen in the 40s at a 60-degree angle. As with all of the NeverStrip Micron Coatings, Tile Seal’s in-use time is typically 10-15 minutes after application.

NeverStrip Gloss™ with the Ceramic Bond is a proven coating system for tile and grout floors, where long-lasting durability is a must. This system is super easy to clean; extremely durable to urine and harsh cleaners and provides a “wet” look appearance on ceramic, porcelain, quarry and brick flooring surfaces.

This system has been successful in restrooms for schools, restaurants, retail, Class A office buildings and industrial facilities.

NeverStrip Matte with Ceramic Bond has all the same features and performance as Gloss with Ceramic Bond but with 10-15 sheen at 60 degrees.

NeverStrip Satin™ with Ceramic Bond has all the same features and performance as Gloss and Matte other than instead of a 90 or 10 gloss respectively, the floor has a 50-60 sheen at a 60 degree angle.

Ceramic Bond

NeverStrip Ceramic Bond™ is a bonding additive for NeverStrip Gloss™, NeverStrip Satin™ and NeverStrip Matte™.  Ceramic Bond is added to the Part B of these three water-based urethane products prior to mixing with the Part A to enhance adhesion to ceramic, porcelain and brick surfaces.  Ceramic Bond is corrosive.  Applicators or anyone in the immediate area during mixing and application must wear protective clothing and respiratory protection.  Read and carefully follow the Safety Data Sheet.