NeverStrip Micron™ Coating Category

Stop Stripping Wax by NeverStrip Floor Coatings™

NeverStrip Micron Coatings allow commercial facilities to Stop Stripping Wax.  NeverStrip Micron coatings are a unique floor coating category, lowering the cost of floor ownership by stopping the waxing and stopping the stripping of floors.    The Micron-thin, inorganic technology provides attributes with substantial business benefits on a range of flooring surfaces including VCT, LVT, Sheet Vinyl, Linoleum, Rubber, Ceramic, Porcelain, Natural Stone, Terrazzo and Concrete.

NeverStrip Micron Primer™and NeverStrip Vinyl Seal™ in combination allow the user to stop stripping wax from VCT for demanding commercial facilities, such as grocery stores, hospitals, long-term care, schools, airports, big box retail, specialty retail, day care centers, kidney dialysis and blood plasma centers.

 NeverStrip Micron System for Stone, Terrazzo and Concrete™

NeverStrip Stone, Terrazzo and Concrete Seal for natural stone, terrazzo and concrete is simple, faster, less expensive process of polishing these hard surfaces to an attractive and durable finish.  The process takes less time, uses less tooling and is mess messy compared to using conventional diamond polishing steps and products.   Also, the NeverStrip approach allows one to stop stripping wax from floors.

NeverStrip Micron System for Tile and Grout Restoration™

NeverStrip Micron System for Tile and Grout Floors incorporates NeverStrip Deep Clean™ and Grout Prep™ for preparing the floor; NeverStrip Color Sealer™ for coloring and sealing grout and NeverStrip Tile Seal™ for providing Tile and Grout Restoration or Refreshing of Tile and Grout floors without replacement. This system allows the facility to stop stripping floors and stop waxing floors.

NeverStrip Micron System for Resilient Flooring™

Micron System for Resilient Flooring is a superb alternative to stop stripping floors or stop waxing of floors. The NeverStrip products include Micron Primer™, Vinyl Seal™, Micron Clean™ and Micron Restore™.

Vinyl Seal compared to wax can: 1) reduce burnishing by 50%, 2) replace scrub and re coats with scrub and burnish, 3) decrease re coat frequency by 50% and 4) stop stripping of floors or stop waxing of floors.

Vinyl Seal is available in a satin sheen.  However, the shine can be enhanced with burnishing. Vinyl Seal (2 coats) with the Micron Primer (2 coats) on VCT provides a shine similar to a newly burnished wax floor with 8 coats of floor finish. However, the gloss levels do not fluctuate like a conventional floor finish. Higher sheens can be achieved with higher speed propane burnishing machines. Vinyl Seal, like NeverStrip’s other Micron coatings, can be in-use within 15 minutes after application. Core Benefits include: 50% less coats; 50% or more fewer furnishings; 50% or more fewer scrub and redcoats and the ability to totally stop stripping floors and stop waxing floors.  The ability to stop waxing floors and stop stripping floors provide not only a more cost effective system but also a more sustainable or greener floor maintenance.

NeverStrip Liquid Grip™ High Traction System™

The NeverStrip Liquid Grip High Traction System offers high wet coefficient of friction (Static COF greater than 0.70 with a BOT 3000E Traction Meter). It comes in two quart bottles (Step One and Step Two) with supplied 9″ foam applicators.

Liquid Grip can be applied onto any flooring resilient or hard floor and is ideal for commercial floors, wet or dry, where higher coefficient of friction is the goal.  This system allows one to stop waxing floors and Stop Stripping Wax.

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