Tile & Grout

NeverStrip has three uniquely different yet proven Tile and Grout Restoration Systems to address the most common challenges of commercial tile and grout floors. The NeverStrip solutions can provide 1) an easy to keep clean floor including grout, 2) traction, and 3) odor control.

Applications for these solutions include:

– Restrooms, restrooms, and restrooms
– Lobbies
– Kitchens
– Locker Rooms
– Showers

NeverStrip Tile and Grout Micron System

NeverStrip’s Tile and Grout Micron System uses: 1) NeverStrip Deep Clean, Grout Prep and Color Release; 2) NeverStrip Color Sealer and NeverStrip Tile Seal to provide a high performing and natural looking Tile and Grout Restoration.

The Tile and Grout Micron System is proven for commercial and residential restrooms, office building lobbies and the customer areas of fast food restaurants. Tile Seal’s incredibly rapid dry time (minutes not hours); essentially no odor; durability and natural, micron-thin application and appearance make this system an attractive choice for busy 24/7 operations.

Tile Seal is available in Matte or the original Satin sheen, which can also be burnished/buffed to achieve a higher sheen.

NeverStrip Tile and Grout Thin Film System

NeverStrip Tile and Grout Thin Film System has been proven in hundreds , if not thousands of restrooms, restaurants and lobbies for the past 8+ years. It is an ultimate tile and grout restoration solution providing a wall to wall protective barrier against urine, harsh cleaners and soil. It can be applied on floors and walls and on ceramic, quarry tile and porcelain

Target applications are:

– Schools
– Office Buildings
– Factories
– Recreational Centers
– Health Clubs
– Restaurants
– Not recommended for commercial kitchens

The most common applications are restrooms but customer areas of restaurants and lobbies/dining facilities are good installation areas.

This solution incorporates NEverStrip family of cleaners, grout color sealers, water-based urethanes and Ceramic Bond. Sheens can range from a High Gloss wet look to Satin to Matte (no sheen). NeverStrip Grip and NeverStrip Resin Grip can be added to enhance traction.

NeverStrip Tile and Grout Transformation System

Don’t like the maintenance and looks of your old tile and grout flooring? Don’t have a budget to replace it? Don’t have the time or prefer to avoid the dust associated with removal? Don’t settle for anything less than a total tile and grout transformation. Install a 100% seamless system with broadcast flakes or quartz installed over your existing tile and grout floor in less time, lower cost and less interference than the alternatives. The NeverStrip Tile and Grout Transformation System has endless decorative color, texture and gloss options.

This system is proven for locker rooms, showers, kitchens and restrooms within hospitals, long-term care, schools, restaurants and retail, which are often 24/7 and demand quick turnaround. Sheens can range from Gloss to Satin to Matte.