Commercial Floor Coating Trends

NeverStrip Urethane Cement Systems Replacing Commercial Kitchen Quarry Tile

Quarry Tile has maintained a large market share for commercial kitchen floors for a considerable time. NeverStrip Urethane Cement based resinous flooring systems are gaining momentum and taking market share away from quarry tile for demanding commercial kitchen flooring applications.

The advantages of NeverStrip Urethane Cement based flooring systems for commercial kitchens in restaurants, hotels and other facilities include: 1) cost, 2) installation turn around time 2) durability, 3) traction, 4) moisture tolerance, 5) seamless floor and 6) clean-ability (easier to keep clean).

NeverStrip Urethane Cement Systems are self-leveling for ease of installations and fast drying. A seamless floor is realized with up to a 9’ integrated cove base. Many color choices or even multi-color flake or quartz blends are available for a decorative appearance.

NeverStrip Field Applied Instant Film Coatings on Luxury Vinyl Tile (“LVT”)

Luxury Vinyl Tile (“LVT”) flooring is one of the fastest growing flooring categories. These floors with their nearly endless print patterns under a clear PVC wear layer are being used in every conceivable commercial environment such as: retail, schools, health care, restaurants, long-term care and commercial office space.

Often the demands from heavy commercial foot and cart traffic, moveable furniture, disinfectants and just simply occasional abuse can scuff, scratch or damage the LVT floor.

NeverStrip Instant Film coating systems are developed to rejuvenate LVT floors in conjunction with proper floor preparation. NeverStrip UV Resilient Matte™ and NeverStrip UV Resilient Satin™ are two common coatings, instantly cured with UV light, which are routinely applied to LVT with outstanding results. These coatings look great on the floor without interfering with the floors appearance due to embossing, texture or “ticking”. The NeverStrip Instant Film coatings also provide the highest level of protection with outstanding coefficient of friction; ease of cleaning and substantial reduction or even elimination of ongoing scuffing.

NeverStrip Micron Concrete Polishing™ (A Better Way)

Concrete Polishing has been a hot approach to concrete floors for big box retail stores, convention centers, restaurants and other commercial facilities. The conventional process is slow and expensive.

NeverStrip Micron Concrete Polishing is a Better Way! NeverStrip Micron products (Micron Primer™ and Stone, Terrazzo and Concrete Seal™) allow for an equal or even superior appearance with a “fraction” of the time, cost and diamond tooling, while providing an equal to or better ongoing performance. The fundamental advantage is the concrete does not need to be polished to such a high level. So, instead of polishing the concrete with diamond tooling and a planetary grinder to 1,600 or 3,200, the contractor only needs to go to 200 or 400 grit. THIS IS A REMARKABLE PARADIGM SHIFT FOR THE CONCRETE POLISHING INDUSTRY.

NeverStrip Dealers are winning projects competing against “conventional concrete polishing contractors” by doing the projects faster and at a lower price due to less time, less labor, less diamond tooling and less diamond polishing with slow planetary machines.

Porcelain and Quarry Tile Sealing with NeverStrip Tile Seal™

Porcelain and Ceramic Tile are hard, durable, and generally easy to clean flooring surfaces.

Then, why are NeverStrip Dealers applying NeverStrip Tile Seal onto porcelain and Ceramic Tile flooring with increasing frequency?

Commercial facility managers are looking to improve the appearance of these floors; making them even easier to keep clean and enhancing the floors coefficient of friction by applying Tile Seal.

Tile Seal is one of NeverStrip Floor Coatings Micron coatings. It is a micron thin, rapid drying, inorganic coating that performs beautifully on porcelain, ceramic and brick surfaces. The product is easy to apply with a microfiber pad and goes down super thin at 5,000 sq. feet per gallon per coat or more. Tile Seal is ready for commercial traffic is less than 30 minutes after application. Typically, 2-3 coats are applied.