Case Studies

“NeverStrip’s Stone, Terrazzo and Concrete Seal allowed TVS Floor Coatings and Restoration of Idaho restore our client’s marble floor below her budget.”

Shelby Tuckett


Idaho Marble Restoration


“The NeverStrip Gloss has proven to be a smart alternative to the old way of
maintaining floors.”

Lee R. Anzicek C.F.D.

Director of Maintenance & Transportation
Allen Park Public Schools

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“NeverStrip is a truly amazing product. After seeing the lasting results of this product as well as the ease of which it is used, I will continue to use this product and expand the areas I use it on. I would highly recommend NeverStrip to any institution.”

Michael C. Twardy

Director of Facilities and Operations
Haldane Central School District

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“From our perspective, NeveStrip Gloss System is a premium coating that ideally lends itself to areas where frequent maintenance is time consuming and problematic. Examples include patient room, office environments, waiting rooms, school class rooms and retail applications.”

Reese E. Moore

Director of Commercial Business – VCT and LVT
Mannington Commercial

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“The NeverStrip solution provided a low-cost approach to address a serious challenge and saved the customer a whole lot of money.”

Barry Gore

J and G Flooring

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“The floor is So Bright. It is Awesome. We figure the NeverStrip coating on our VCT saves us 51 days of work every Summer!!! We save a $1,200 or more every year. We do not need to move furniture, strip floor finish, apply wax, burnish the wax and move the furniture back. In fact, we have not done any of these tasks for 5 Summers.”

Bill Anoia

Maintenance Manager
Sunbury Bible Church and Christian Academy, Northumberland, PA

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