Improve Traction on Wet Porcelain to Reduce Slip and Falls

Improve Traction on Wet Porcelain Floors

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Improve traction on wet porcelain floors with NeverStrip Tile Seal and NeverStrip Liquid Grip™.   This Blog is about the application of these two NeverStrip products onto Italian Porcelain in a Tennessee Bank by J and G Flooring, near Knoxville TN.

Barry Gore and his big sister, Teresa Huffines sat down with me to describe J and G Flooring’s recent project with NeverStrip Micron Products-NeverStrip Tile Seal™ and NeverStrip Liquid Grip™, respectively.  The goal of the project was to improve traction on wet porcelain floors within this Tennessee bank facility.

The Project

J and G Flooring installed a high-priced, polished, Italian porcelain floor in a Tennessee bank.  The flooring was specified by an architectural and design firm.  There were two separate surfaces installed: a super smooth, highly polished porcelain and more textured porcelain.

Soon after installation, the Bank began to experience slip and fall incidences, especially on the highly polished, smooth porcelain.  The Bank reached out to J and G Flooring for a solution.  They asked, how can you improve traction on wet porcelain floors within our facility?  At one point, they asked J and G to remove the entire floor and replace it with something else!   Barry Gore said, “this was going to be a terribly difficult and expensive removal and replacement.  j and G Flooring reached out to NeverStrip Floor Coatings to see if there was an alternative.”

J and G presented the NeverStrip solution of Tile Seal and Liquid Grip.  The Bank approved the project.  Barry recently completed the application of NeverStrip Tile Seal and NeverStrip Liquid Grip.

Barry and Teresa said the following:

“The customer is pleased.  The floor was not replaced.”  Applying the Tile Seal and Liquid Grip did what it was supposed to do, which was improve  traction on wet porcelain floors.

“The NeverStrip solution provided a low-cost approach to address a serious challenge and saved the customer a whole lot of money.”

“NeverStrip’s products and technical support have been terrific.  Brian Warning, NeverStrip’s Technical Support Person, was wonderful with his technical support in the field.   He is a really nice guy to boot.”

NeverStrip Tile Seal was applied on the more textured porcelain and is looking great, while doing a super job addressing the need for more traction when the porcelain is wet.

NeverStrip Liquid Grip was applied on the smoother porcelain and certainly altered and darkened the floor’s appearance but is providing the needed and desired traction.  The Bank’s #1 priority.

The NeverStrip Color Sealer™ in Dove White was applied to the grout lines and make them look like new.  The Color Seal was completed prior to the Tile Seal and Liquid Grip applications.


Barry and Teresa cannot say enough about the NeverStrip Micron products and the NeverStrip support.  J and G Flooring delivered an important, creative and financially attractive solution to its important customer.  The goal to improved traction on wet porcelain floors was achieved.

Teresa said, now we are working with the Bank maintenance staff to educate them how to properly maintain Tile Seal and Liquid Grip.

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