NeverStrip Gloss™

NeverStrip Gloss is part of NeverStrip Floor Coatings™ family of Thin Film, high-performance, urethane coatings. NeverStrip Gloss is a two-component, water-based, low VOC (less than 100 grams/litter) aliphatic (non-yellowing) urethane coating. The product has a high gloss sheen with gloss measurements typically in the mid to high 80s at a 60° angle.

NeverStrip Gloss is a proven high-performance coating for a wide range of flooring including: Vinyl Composition Tile (VCT), Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT), sheet vinyl and wood. The product is also applied to porcelain, ceramic and quarry tile, when NeverStrip Ceramic Bond™ is added for enhanced adhesion.

NeverStrip Gloss is a proven high-performance coating for demanding commercial environments with lots of foot and light cart traffic, where an 8-12 hour dry time is acceptable. Target applications are education (classrooms, hallways and cafeterias), medical office buildings, exam rooms, specialty retail and restrooms with tile and grout floors, when NeverStrip Ceramic Bond additive is used.

Proper floor protectors applied to moveable furniture is a must with NeverStrip Gloss. NeverStrip Grip™ and NeverStrip Resin Grip™are recommended aggregates added to NeverStrip Gloss, when conditions may be wet. NeverStrip Gloss is not the proper product for environments, which are constantly wet, such as a swimming pool deck or shower stall.

Customers have enjoyed up to 5 years and sometimes even more years with NeverStrip Gloss between recoats. A typical recoat cycle of 2-3 years is common. The product does not need to burnished or polished at any time. The product does not need to be stripped during its typical lifecycle. NeverStrip does offer a low odor, water-based stripper to remove NeverStrip Gloss.

A recoat of NeverStrip Gloss is achieved with a deep cleaning, screening or abrasion with an EPP pad or metal screen (typically 120 grit) and an application of one coat of product.

NeverStrip Gloss is an ideal replacement for conventional floor finish (“wax”). The product provides a “rich” appearance and often greatly enhances the flooring surface. The use of this product typically reduces ongoing maintenance costs by 30% to 70% depending on the level of current floor care.

NeverStrip Gloss is not the ideal NeverStrip coating for the highest demand or quick turnaround environments such as: grocery stores, big box retail, operating and emergency rooms and industrial applications. NeverStrip has other coatings better suited for these environments or applications including NeverStrip High Solids Urethane™ and NeverStrip Instant Film coatings, respectively.