NeverStrip Stone, Terrazzo and Concrete Seal™ on DSP from Schonox HPS North America DSB+ and its maintenance division, Premier Maintenance Group (PMG) recently teamed up to install the Schonox DSP self-leveling, cement based compound with NeverStrip Densi-Prime™ and Stone, Terrazzo Concrete Seal™ at a Northern California corporate facility.

Achieve a 1600 Grit Equivalent Mechanical Polished Concrete Appearance with: 40% Less Grinding/Polishing Steps-Tooling 30% Less Labor/Project Time 20% Less Overall Project Costs

Restore vs. Replace Marble Surfaces with: NeverStrip Deep Clean™ NeverStrip Diamond Encrusted Pads NeverStrip Stone, Terrazzo and Concrete Seal™

What flooring was a 3 billion sq. foot USA market during 2017? Tile Council of North America reports 3 Billion sq. feet 2017 USA Ceramic Market* Wow, that's a big number!

How would you like to save lots of money and grow 2018 revenues? Acquire actionable knowledge to grow your revenues during the second half of 2018 The class will be re coating 15,000 sq. feet of NeverStrip Gloss™ on a 10,000 sq. foot wooden gym and 5,000 sq. foot VCT cafeteria. You will learn how to do large scale NeverStrip Thin-Film projects the "right" way.