Refurbish-Refresh-Renew with NeverStrip UV Resilient Matte, Satin or Semi-Gloss


This Blog examines the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Risks of using NeverStrip Instant Film coatings (UV Resilient Matte™, Satin™ or Semi-Gloss™) to Refurbish-Refresh-Renew scuffed and scratched luxury vinyl tile (LVT) flooring.

LVT has been a highly successful hard surface flooring for the past decade. Its success continues both in the residential and commercial markets. LVT from the factory now often comes with a factory-applied urethane coating protecting the PVC based wear layer.

The NeverStrip System for rejuvenating LVT flooring is applicable to floors with or without a factory-applied urethane. The key difference is the refreshing will likely be sooner for a floor without a high-performance factory-applied urethane.

NeverStrip has three outstanding field applied UV cured urethane coatings for LVT. These products are: UV Resilient Matte, UV Resilient Satin and UV Resilient Semi-Gloss.

The combination of proprietary prep and conditioning methods for scuffed and scratched LVT flooring combined with world-class, field-applied, UV urethane coatings specifically designed for resilient flooring can remarkably refresh, rejuvenate and renew LVT flooring.

Strengths (compared to a new LVT floor)

1. Less cost, much less
2. Less time, much less
3. Less mess, disruption
4. Less ongoing scuffs are possible/probable (based on experience)
5. Creates a more seamless floor than a factory-applied urethane
6. Highly sustainable, eliminates solid waste
7. May enhance the floors durability
8. Likely, more stain resistant topcoat
9. Easily refreshable down the road
10. Superb wet COF, maybe better than floor itself
11. Equal to or better appearance with only one coat being typical
12. Three sheen options


Does not have that new floor smell


1. Save the end-user a lot of money
2. Be a hero
3. Faster, less operational interference to facility operations


The flooring Dealer sales person may be mad at you

East Coast Hospital Before and After

NeverStrip Flooring
NeverStrip LVT Restoration System with NeverStrip UV Resilient Matte on an LVT flooring at a major East Coast hospital.

Customer Objectives

1. Eliminate many or most of the difficult to remove scuffs

2. Eliminate many or most of the surface scratches

3. Make the floor look more like new again

4. An easy to clean and maintain floor with less scuffs and fewer scratches.

Customer Decision Process

1. The customer was going to replace the floor because they could not keep up with the scuffs

2. Customer piloted the NeverStrip solution

3. Customer will be having the NeverStrip System applied to the entire space upon completion of the 30-day Pilot evaluation period.

System Steps

1. Deep clean the floor using specific cleaning tools, supplies and processes, especially suited for textured or embossed LVT flooring.

2. Condition the floor using specified tools, supplies and processes.

3. Apply one coat of NeverStrip UV Resilient coating (Matte, Satin or Semi-Gloss) at 1,000 sq. feet per gallon. Cure with an appropriate UV light with two seconds of exposure to achieve 100% cure.

Cleaning and Maintenance

1. Daily dust mopping with a clean surface, such as a 3M Easy Trap Duster

2. As needed, wet mopping or auto scrubber with white or red pad. Essentially, any commercial cleaner is acceptable.

3. Maintain high quality felt floor protectors for moveable furniture from NeverStrip Floor Coatings-