Sealing Laminate Flooring with NeverStrip Vinyl Seal

Posted On March 11, 2021 By Shannon Chau
NeverStrip Makes Sealing Laminate Floors Easy, Fast and Effective NeverStrip’s Vinyl Seal will bring new life to your laminate floors while making them easier to maintain.  Your floors will not only look better, but you will benefit from easie ...

Sealing Tate Stoneworks’ Flooring

Posted On January 18, 2021 By Dave Beedie
Sealing Tate Stoneworks’ Flooring NeverStrip Stone, Terrazzo and Concrete Seal was applied onto Tate STONEWORKS’ raised access flooring at the Honolulu International Airport as part of the Hawaii Airport Modification Program. Tate STONEWORKS’ c ...

How to restore tile and grout floors

Posted On January 7, 2021 By Dave Beedie
One of North America’s largest commercial office property management companies wanted better looking and easier to keep clean tile and grout floors for Class A office building restrooms. Wish List The property management company did not know how to ...

Removing Epoxy Grout Haze with NeverStrip Tile Seal

Posted On December 23, 2020 By Dave Beedie
An exclusive Chicago-area Cigar Store installed an expensive, imported porcelain, which looks like leather just as Covid hit earlier in 2020. Epoxy grout was used. Removing the epoxy grout haze on the porcelain proved to be a major issue and concern. ...

Outstanding results in major international airport

Posted On December 22, 2020 By Dave Beedie
NeverStrip Stone, Terrazzo and Concrete Seal has been used on hundreds of thousands of square feet of terrazzo throughout a major international airport for 3+ years with outstanding results. The floor was initially polished to 800 grit diamonds with ...

How to refresh Luxury Vinyl Tile, or LVT

Posted On December 1, 2020 By Dave Beedie
How to refresh Luxury Vinyl Tile, or LVT, is a question being asked more and more. It’s a concern of facility owners worldwide. LVT is the most popular, rapidly growing type of flooring in the world. It is taking market share away from all other ty ...

Less Expensive Concrete Polishing is achievable with NeverStrip Micron Sealers

Posted On November 11, 2020 By Dave Beedie
These sealers are based on a 21st Century Floor Care Technology. Pro Surface Solutions, near Rochester, New York removed old flooring from a commercial office space and replaced it with a polished concrete system using: 1) NeverStrip Densi-Prime, 2) ...
Restore stained concrete floors

Restore Stained Concrete Floors

Posted On May 31, 2019 By Dave Beedie
Restore stained concrete floors are achievable  with NeverStrip Stone, Terrazzo and Concrete Seal.   This product delivers cost effective restoration of stained concrete floors Texan Floor Service, Houston, Texas-Stained Concrete for Less Texan Flo ...
Lower Cost VCT Maintenance

Lower Cost VCT Maintenance

Posted On April 28, 2019 By Dave Beedie
Lower cost VCT maintenance is achievable with NeverStrip Micron Floor Coatings™.  Jerry Blue’s Carpetland  of Lake Charles and all of Southwest Louisiana is proving this premise at a Calcasieu Parish high school.. School Board Approval Jerr ...
Sealing ProtectAll Flooring

Sealing ProtectAll Flooring

Posted On April 10, 2019 By Dave Beedie
A Kansas City entertainment venue was interested in sealing ProtectAll Flooring.  During 2018,  2,500 square feet of Protect-All flooring was installed. The facility selected the Protect-All flooring for its sound absorbing properties, durability a ...
Restore paver quarry tile floors

Restore paver quarry tile floors

Posted On March 7, 2019 By Dave Beedie
Restore Paver Quarry Tile Floors Vassar College needed to restore paver quarry tile floors. These floors were in prominent campus buildings. A previous attempt using floor finish or wax turned into a nightmare. Ernie Hempel, President Ernest Effort F ...
Polish Terrazzo

Polish Terrazzo with NeverStrip Stone, Terrazzo and Concrete Seal™

Posted On February 1, 2019 By Dave Beedie
Polish terrazzo with NeverStrip Stone, Terrazzo and Concrete Seal™ is lower cost with high quality, lower maintenance and long-lasting durability. Janitorial Management, Inc. NeverStrip Micron Technology The NeverStrip Micron Family of High Perfor ...
Seal LVT Seams

Seal LVT Seams to Protect the Adhesive and Keep Odors from Developing

Posted On January 26, 2019 By Dave Beedie
How does one seal LVT seams when Luxury Vinyl Tile “LVT” most often has a factory-applied urethane coating. These UV cured coatings protect the floor from abuse and allow LVT floors, in most cases, to go without a sealer or finish applied ...
linoleum restoration

Linoleum Restoration with NeverStrip Vinyl Seal™

Posted On January 13, 2019 By Dave Beedie
Linoleum is a green, sustainable flooring choice. Demanding commercial traffic will scratch and dull any flooring. Linoleum is no exception. NeverStrip Vinyl Seal NeverStrip Vinyl Seal is a great choice for linoleum restoration. Vinyl Seal is part of ...
Lower floor care costs

Lower Floor Care Costs with NeverStrip Floor Coatings

Posted On November 1, 2018 By Dave Beedie
Lower floor care costs by using NeverStrip Floor Coatings. NeverStrip Thin-Film and Micron floor coatings reduce labor costs. These products decrease floor care activities, which reduces labor hours. These products are for residential and commercial ...
ceramic porcelain sealer

Ceramic Porcelain Sealer

Posted On May 18, 2018 By Dave Beedie
Ceramic Porcelain Sealer A high quality, commercial grade ceramic porcelain sealer has been hard to find. Not any more!  NeverStrip Tile Seal™ is a high quality, commercial grade ceramic porcelain sealer. Apply Tile Seal onto ceramic, porcelain, ...
Cost Effective Marble Restoration

Cost Effective Marble Restoration

Posted On May 8, 2018 By Dave Beedie
T.V.S. Floor Coatings and Restoration completed a cost effective marble restoration. A homeowner was going to replace all the marble flooring in her house. Over 3,500 square feet. The homeowner assumed that she needed to replace the marble, at a cost ...
NeverStrip Micron Polishing for Concrete

NeverStrip Micron Polishing for Concrete™

Posted On April 16, 2018 By Dave Beedie
 Faster polished concrete to a 1600 grit appearance is achieved with NeverStrip..  This is a faster System compared to mechanical polishing systems. The labor costs are much less for a comparable or equal appearance.   NeverStrip and a global conc ...
improve traction on wet floors

Improve traction wet stamped concrete

Posted On March 24, 2018 By Dave Beedie
Improve traction with NeverStrip Liquid Grip™ NS_SDS_Liquid Grip Step 1 NS_SDS_Liquid Grip Step 2 NS_PDS_Liquid Grip Liquid Grip improves traction. The project was an outdoor, stamped concrete walkway at an Atlanta church. The church building overh ...
lower floor care cost

Luxury Vinyl Floor Care Made Easy

Posted On January 16, 2018 By Dave Beedie
Luxury Vinyl Floor Care  with NeverStrip Vinyl Seal™ on Tandus-Centiva LVT Applied by Texan Floor Services  Luxury Vinyl Floor Care has been made easier at Victoria College with the use of NeverStrip Vinyl Seal applied by Texan Floor Service. Vic ...
VCT and Sheet Vinyl Maintenance to lower costs

Lower Floor Care Maintenance Costs for VCT, LVT and Sheet Vinyl with NeverStrip Gloss™

Posted On December 7, 2017 By Dave Beedie
12/06/17 Lower Floor Care Maintenance Costs For VCT, LVT and Sheet Vinyl by using NeverStrip Gloss™ Rich Batka, Director of Building and Grounds, Brookfield-La Grange Park School District #95 goal was to Lower Floor Care Maintenance Costs for VCT, ...
less expensive stone floor care

Natural Stone Restoration made Easy at Less Cost, Time and Mess

Posted On November 16, 2017 By Dave Beedie
J & G Flooring of Jackson, Tennessee recently completed a natural stone restoration made easy on a travertine stone floor with NeverStrip Diamond Encrusted Pads™ and NeverStrip Stone, Terrazzo and Concrete Seal. The project was done at a lower ...
longer lasting gym floor urethane coatings

Longer Lasting Gym Floor Urethane Coatings

Posted On October 30, 2017 By Dave Beedie
Longer Lasting Gym Floor Urethane Coatings for Demanding Schools Schools have learned there are longer lasting gym floor urethane coatings available for demanding schools.  These NeverStrip products replace the use of conventional gym floor urethane ...
Maintaining LVT within Schools

Maintaining LVT within Schools?

Posted On October 14, 2017 By Dave Beedie
Maintaining LVT within schools is easy to do and is low cost with NeverStrip Vinyl Seal™, a NeverStrip Micron Coating. NeverStrip Floor Coatings (“NeverStrip”) recently interviewed an architect, who asked the question, is LVT the Right ...
low cost tile grout restoration

Improve Wet Porcelain Traction to Reduce Slip and Falls

Posted On September 7, 2017 By Dave Beedie
Improve Wet Porcelain Traction Improve wet porcelain traction with NeverStrip Tile Seal™ and NeverStrip Liquid Grip™.   This Blog is about the application of these two NeverStrip products onto Italian Porcelain in a Tennessee Bank by J and G Fl ...
lower floor care cost

Improve LVT Traction

Posted On August 24, 2017 By Dave Beedie
Improve LVT Traction NeverStrip Vinyl Seal (“Vinyl Seal”) is used to improve LVT traction.  The product is a member of NeverStrip Floor Coatings (“NeverStrip”) Family of Micron Coatings.  Vinyl Seal is to be used on resilient flooring inclu ...
lower floor care cost

NeverStrip Vinyl Seal™ for VCT, LVT, Linoleum and Rubber Flooring

Posted On July 25, 2017 By Dave Beedie
Lower floor care cost with NeverStrip Vinyl Seal.   A member of the NeverStrip Family of Micron Film Coatings.  Vinyl Seal is used on resilient flooring including VCT,  LVT, Linoleum and Rubber.  It is well suited for these types of floors for mu ...
Alternative VCT Floor Care

An Alternative VCT Floor Care System is Available

Posted On July 6, 2017 By Dave Beedie
There is an alternative VCT floor care available.  VCT has been losing market share for a decade or more to LVT and Polished Concrete, especially in health care and retail. VCT is being removed in increasing volume and being replaced by these compet ...
less expensive terrazzo floor care

NeverStrip Micron Polishing for Terrazzo™ with NeverStrip Stone, Terrazzo and Concrete Seal™ as compared to Conventional Honing and Polishing Systems and 3M Trizact System

Posted On May 23, 2017 By Dave Beedie
Less expensive terrazzo floor care is achieved with NeverStrip Stone, Terrazzo and Concrete Seal. A SWOT Analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) May 2017 Overview – Less Expensive Terrazzo Floor Care A NeverStrip Floor Coati ...

NeverStrip Tile Seal™ on Ceramic and Porcelain Pool Decks for Easier Cleaning and Improved Anti-Slip Properties

Posted On May 5, 2017 By Dave Beedie
Sealing Ceramic Summit Custom Coatings, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada has been sealing ceramic with  multiple applications of NeverStrip Tile Seal on ceramic and/or porcelain flooring of public pool decks during the past two years. These facilities are ...
less expensive stone floor care

NeverStrip Micron Polishing of Limestone

Posted On March 31, 2017 By Dave Beedie
NeverStrip has  a less expensive stone floor care approach the traditional methods. An Exceptional High Performance Floor Care Solution on Limestone for a Demanding Commercial Food Café   A NeverStrip Floor Coatings (“NeverStrip”) Authoriz ...
sealing porcelain floors

Ceramic and Porcelain Floors

Posted On February 3, 2017 By Dave Beedie
Sealing porcelain floors can improve traction and make the floors easier to clean and keep clean. Micron Systems Overview- Sealing Porcelain Floors There is a pervasive flooring industry “old wives tale”, most likely started and propagated by the ...
less expensive polished concrete

Less Expensive Polished Concrete, Terrazzo or Natural Stone

Posted On December 16, 2016 By Dave Beedie
Less expensive polished concrete or terrazzo or natural stone is achieve-able with NeverStrip Stone, Terrazzo and Concrete Seal and NeverStrip diamond encrusted pads. This Blog examines the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Risks of using Neve ...

NeverStrip Gloss™

Posted On November 30, 2016 By Dave Beedie
NeverStrip Gloss is part of NeverStrip Floor Coatings™ family of Thin Film, high-performance, urethane coatings. NeverStrip Gloss is a two-component, water-based, low VOC (less than 100 grams/litter) aliphatic (non-yellowing) urethane coating. The ...
low cost tile grout restoration

Low Cost Tile Grout Restoration

Posted On November 21, 2016 By Dave Beedie
Low cost tile grout restoration is achieve-able with NeverStrip Tile and NeverStrip Color Sealer™.  This solution is a fast, inexpensive way to make an old tile and grout floor (porcelain, ceramic and brick) look new and significantly easier to ma ...

Commercial Floor Coating Trends

Posted On November 10, 2016 By Dave Beedie
NeverStrip Urethane Cement Systems Replacing Commercial Kitchen Quarry Tile Quarry Tile has maintained a large market share for commercial kitchen floors for a considerable time. NeverStrip Urethane Cement based resinous flooring systems are gaining ...

NeverStrip Floor Protectors™

Posted On September 23, 2016 By Dave Beedie
The NeverStrip “Exceptional, High Performance Floor Protectors” are an essential component of any quality hard surface floor care program. NeverStrip Floor Protectors are all made in the USA of the highest quality materials. The protectors have t ...

NeverStrip Coatings for Kidney Dialysis Centers

Posted On September 6, 2016 By Dave Beedie
Kidney dialysis centers are particularly demanding floor care environments. Kidney dialysis flooring has traditionally been maintained using conventional acrylic floor finish or “wax”. Wax is an old technology. Wax is not well suited for the hars ...

Customized NeverStrip Sales Training Webinars

Posted On August 22, 2016 By Dave Beedie
NeverStrip Floor Coatings recently announced Customized, One on One Sales Training for NeverStrip Authorized Dealers.  The purpose of the webinars is to provide Dealer sales staff with increased levels of knowledge to more effectively provide the be ...

NeverStrip Gloss™ at a Major NYC University

Posted On August 11, 2016 By Dave Beedie
A prominent New York City university has been using NeverStrip water-based urethane coatings (NeverStrip Gloss and NeverStrip Matte™), on classroom, hallway and cafeteria floors for more than 2 years. The attached picture shows members of the app ...

NeverStrip Floor Coatings Offers Product for Medical Facilities

Posted On July 25, 2016 By Dave Beedie
NeverStrip Floor Coatings has been approached multiple times in the past weeks by separate medical facilities regarding the inadequacies of conventional acrylic, cross-linked floor finish or wax. These facilities were both looking for floor care so ...

NeverStrip Vinyl Seal: A White Paper

Posted On June 24, 2016 By Dave Beedie
NeverStrip Micron Coatings Tile Seal™ – Stone, Terrazzo and Concrete Seal™ – Vinyl Seal™ Micron Technology Summary  Not acrylic floor finish. Not made from petroleum.  Inorganic-based. Nano molecules are the foundation.  Ca ...

NeverStrip LVT Restoration Systems White Paper 2016

Posted On June 20, 2016 By Dave Beedie
NeverStrip Floor Coatings™ in cooperation with leading Luxury Vinyl Tile manufacturers has developed cost effective and attractive LVT Restoration Systems for scratched, marred and worn out Luxury Vinyl Tile and other resilient flooring. NeverSt ...
Grocery Store Flooring

Big Time Benefits Replacing Wax

Posted On June 8, 2016 By Dave Beedie
BMW Janitorial in southeast Iowa is using NeverStrip Vinyl Seal to produce “Big City” benefits for its grocery store clients. Brian M. Warning, said:  “I have been using traditional stripping and waxing procedures for over 10 ye ...

NeverStrip Vinyl Seal in Grocery Store Versus Wax

Posted On May 18, 2016 By Dave Beedie
NeverStrip Vinyl Seal replaces conventional floor finish or wax on VCT flooring at an Iowa grocery store. Vinyl Seal benefits versus wax include: – Much more rapid dry times (5-minutes versus 20-40 minutes for wax) – Less burnishing frequ ...

NeverStrip Offers Advanced Training Class

Posted On May 13, 2016 By Dave Beedie
NeverStrip Floor Coatings is having a two day Advanced Training Class on May 23 and 24 for its Authorized Dealers. This training will prepare Dealers with four important NeverStrip Systems: 1. NeverStrip Metallic™ 2. NeverStrip Urethane Cement™ ...

NeverStrip Floor Coatings Studied By IRTA

Posted On March 23, 2016 By Dave Beedie
NeverStrip Floor Coatings and the Institute for Research and Technical Assistance (IRTA) completed a one-year study comparing conventional floor finish (Wax) and NeverStrip’s Vinyl Seal, NeverStrip Gloss and NeverStrip Instant Film coating NeverS ...

Thank You!

Posted On March 20, 2016 By Dave Beedie
Martin Reilly and Dave Beedie started NeverStrip Floor Coatings in February 2010. We recently celebrated our 6th anniversary. Our vision was to create a North American network of Authorized Contractor Dealers. Our mission statement has been unchan ...