Instant Film

NeverStrip Instant Film products are single component, aliphatic, non-yellowing urethane coatings, which are fully cured with 2 seconds of ultra violet light exposure from an approved device.

These coatings are thin, yet highly abrasion, scratch, chemical and stain resistant, with typical application thickness of 1.5 mils. A piece of paper is approximately 2 mils.

NeverStrip has two Instant Film product groups. One group of products is for hard surface such as concrete, natural stone and terrazzo and the other group is for resilient flooring surfaces such as VCT, LVT and sheet vinyl.

Applications for NeverStrip’s Instant Film coatings are broad  and varied either by themselves or as a topcoat, including:

– Retail (24/7 or near 2/47 environments)
– Health Care (hallways, patient rooms, emergency and operating rooms)
– Restaurants
– Loading Docks
– Education (hallways, classrooms, dining halls, restrooms)

NeverStrip Instant Film Hard Surface System

Instant Film Hard Surface coatings are UV Hard Surface Gloss and UV Hard Surface SemiGloss. These products are typically one-coat applications without NeverStrip UV Primer, when applied onto non-porous surfaces, such as existing urethane and epoxies, natural stones and terrazzo floors.

NeverStrip UV Primer should be used for applications onto more porous surfaces such as concrete and then followed by the UV topcoat. UV Primer should also be used when applying the UV coatings onto NeverStrip High Solids Urethane.

NeverStrip Epoxy Primer, NeverStrip Epoxy 100 Color, NeverStrip Concrete Primer 100 or NeverStrip Color can each be applied below the UV topcoat of choice to achieve a colored system.

UV Hard Surface Gloss and UV Hard Surface SemiGloss are two of NeverStrip’s best performing coatings. These are topcoats of choice when one or more of the following performance characteristics are desired: 1) high levels of abrasion, chemical, stain, scratch and UV resistance; 2) attractive co-efficient of friction, and 3) immediate in-use time and curing. UV Hard Surface SemiGloss is also hot tire resistant.

UV Hard Surface SemiGloss can be bolstered with up to 20 ounces per gallon of NeverStrip 400 Grip aluminum oxide making the coating even more abrasion resistant without an aggregate appearance or feel.

UV Hard Surface Gloss has a shine of 85-90 at 60-degree angle. UV Hard Surface SemiGloss at 60-degree angle has a gloss reading of 50.

NeverStrip Instant Film Resilient System

NeverStrip UV Resilient Gloss, NeverStrip UV Resilient Satin and NeverStrip UV Resilient Matte are Instant Film coatings with gloss readings of 85-90, 20-30, and 10-15, respectively.

These coatings are applied onto resilient flooring including vinyl composition tile (VCT), luxury vinyl tile (LVT), sheet vinyl and other similar flooring.

These coatings are superb choices for demanding commercial applications in retail stores, schools, hospitals, operating and emergency rooms and restrooms, especially when near immediate in-use and cure times are required.