Lower Floor Care Costs with NeverStrip Floor Coatings

Lower floor care costs by using NeverStrip Floor Coatings. NeverStrip Thin-Film and Micron floor coatings reduce labor costs. These products decrease floor care activities, which reduces labor hours. These products are for residential and commercial flooring.

NeverStrip Micron products are Vinyl Seal™, Tile Seal™ and Stone, Terrazzo and Concrete Seal™. Vinyl Seal is for resilient floors, like VCT, LVT and linoleum. Tile Seal goes on ceramic and porcelain. Stone, Terrazzo and Concrete Seal is for natural stone, terrazzo and concrete.

Thin-Film products include NeverStrip Gloss™, NeverStrip Satin™ and NeverStrip Matte™. These products are for both resilient and hard surface floors. Thin-Film products are low VOC, water-based urethane coatings with a proven record on commercial resilient and hard surface floors.

NeverStrip Thin-Film and Micron products lower floor care costs. Reduced floor care costs result from less labor. Less labor hours are the result of:

1. Reduced number of coats. Micron applications are 2-3 coats. Thin Film applications are 1 coat. Compare to 6-8 applications of wax.

2. Reduced number of scrub and re coats are common with NeverStrip. Micron applications often need 50% less scrub and re coats compared to wax. NeverStrip thin-film products stop the need for scrub and re coats.

3. Less or no burnishing are the norm with the NeverStrip Micron coatings. Burnishing is not required with the Micron products. If burnished, the frequency decreases by 50% or more. Thin-Film products are never burnished. These products maintain their sheen for years with cleaning only and proper furniture glides.
4. No stripping. A major source of lower floor care costs is from no more stripping. Micron and Thin-Film products are not removed in their normal life cycle. Micron products are easy to strip, if so desired. Thin-Film products are remove-able but with difficulty.

Micron products replace floor finish or wax. Lower floor care costs result from less ongoing labor. There are fewer labor hours due to:
• Reduced number of applications-2 to 3 versus 6 to 8
• Reduced scrub and re coat frequency-50% or more reduction
• Reduced burnishing-50% or more reductions
• Elimination of stripping-100% reduction

Thin-Film products also replaces floor finish or wax. Lower floor care costs result from even less ongoing labor. There are fewer labor hours due to:
• 1 application versus 6-8 with wax
• No scrub and re coats
• No burnishing
• No stripping