Restore paver quarry tile floors

Restore Paver Quarry Tile Floors

Vassar College needed to restore paver quarry tile floors. These floors were in prominent campus buildings. A previous attempt using floor finish or wax turned into a nightmare.

Ernie Hempel, President Ernest Effort Floors, delivered a solution with NeverStrip Tile Seal.

Tile Seal is a member of the NeverStrip Family of Micron floor coatings. This product line includes Tile Seal, Vinyl Seal and Stone, Terrazzo and Concrete Seal. The term Micron refers to the “thinness” of the film upon application. The Micron products achieve 4,000-6,000 square feet per gallon per coat or a dry film thickness of less than 10 microns. The Micron products are not acrlyic floor finish. They are not urethane coatings. The Micron products are in a coating class all by themselves.

Micron Products

Tile Seal is for ceramic, porcelain and quarry tile.
Vinyl Seal is for resilient flooring including VCT, LVT, Linoleum.
Stone, Terrazzo and Concrete Seal is for those three surfaces.

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The Process

The project to restore paver quarry tile floors started with removing the wax. Ernie then applied 4 applications of Tile Seal. Tile Seal dries in 10 minutes, so the project moved along. Tile Seal also has little to no odor. A microfiber pad is the application method.

The Result

Vassar College is happy. They were not expecting to restore paver and quarry tile floors to a better than like new appearance. The floors not only look better than new but are easier to clean and keep clean. NeverStrip Micron coatings also have attractive, wet co-efficient of friction attributes. This feature may help reduce slip and fall incidents.

Ernest Effort Floors (EEF)

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