Ceramic and Porcelain Floors

Sealing porcelain floors can improve traction and make the floors easier to clean and keep clean.

Overview- Sealing Porcelain Floors

There is a pervasive flooring industry “old wives tale”, most likely started and propagated by the ceramic and porcelain industry, which goes something like: “never apply a sealer or coating to a ceramic and porcelain floor.”

Certainly, this statement is favorable to the ceramic and porcelain industry, as it suggests durability and low maintenance, which may explain its continued believability in the face of unrelenting contradictions.

This “old wives tale” does not reflect the realities of owning, cleaning and maintaining ceramic and porcelain flooring, which facility managers and cleaning professionals deal with every day. This is one reason we've developed our best floor sealers for your use.

This Blog and Case Study discusses the NeverStrip coatings’ technology, products and Systems and their application onto ceramic and porcelain flooring.

Case Study -Sealing Porcelain Floors


(High-performance coatings onto ceramic or porcelain flooring)

1. Our floor sealers protect the adjoining grout from soils and stains and make it much easier to clean the grout and to maintain.

2. Typically, these floor sealers improve the wet coefficient of friction compared to the bare tile.

3. Make it easier to clean the ceramic and porcelain surface, especially when the surface is textured—(quite common).


1. Applying the coating System adds up front costs.

2. Periodically, the coating system needs to be refreshed.


1. Our ceramic and porcelain floor sealer lowers ongoing cleaning costs because the floors can be cleaned faster.

2. Avoids ongoing expensive steam cleanings, which typically are no longer needed.

3. Typically, these floor sealers improve the wet COF and reduces the probability of slip and falls.

4. NeverStrip's micron products help to reduce or even eliminate etching or staining of the grout due to urine.

5. Typically, years of use between re coats (2, 3, 4, 5+ years are common).

6. Modify the sheen as desired (Gloss, Satin or Matte).

7. Enrich the colors within the ceramic or porcelain.

8. With our ceramic and porcelain floor sealers, you can totally change the color of the tile. Eliminate the grout lines without removing the floor.


1. NeverStrip Thin Film Urethane Systems with Ceramic Bond, due to their high chemical resistance, are more permanent and difficult to remove.

2. Ceramic Bond, an additive, allows the urethane to adhere to the ceramic or porcelain. It is corrosive and must be handled with proper care and prevention to avoid inhalation and contact with the skin.


NeverStrip Floor Coatings has developed multiple coating Systems for sealing porcelain floors. These floor sealer Systems are being used within virtually every commercial facility type across North America including: restaurants, retail, education, health care, commercial office and institutional buildings.

The NeverStrip Systems for sealing porcelain floors are:

Thin Film

A single coat of NeverStrip Gloss, Satin or Matte, two-part, water-based urethane coatings with NeverStrip Ceramic Bond™. The additive, Ceramic Bond, allows the urethane to have outstanding adhesion to an inherently difficult surface for adhesion (ceramic and porcelain), while further enhancing durability, chemical and stain resistance of your ceramic and porcelain floors.

It is most common for this floor sealer System to be applied with NeverStrip Gloss™ with a sheen approaching 90° on a scale of 1-100 at a 60-degree angle. This sheen level is a high gloss! Typically, the floor only needs to be mopped and occasionally cleaned with a brush and extraction. Soil, marks and stains sit on top for easy cleaning, especially when NeverStrip Color Sealer™ is applied to the grout lines underneath the coating. A recoat cycle of 5+ years is common for demanding commercial restrooms and like facilities. No need to ever burnish or strip the coating.

An attractive wet COF is achievable by incorporating one of NeverStrip’s Grip Aggregates.


Two or three Micron thin applications of NeverStrip Tile Seal™ at 5,000 sq. feet per gallon per coat are typical for the Micron System. Applied onto ceramic and porcelain, this floor sealer product provides an attractive natural appearance in a satin sheen. No need for any bond additive or for that matter, any unique floor treatment prior to application to ensure great adhesion.

Tile Seal is easily applied with a microfiber mop and can be walked upon in minutes after the final application. Typically, new floor sealer coats are applied 10-15 minutes after the previous coat. Tile Seal is becoming more and more popular due to its rapid dry time, attractive appearance and typical durability of 12-24 months between re coats.

Although Tile Seal does not need to be stripped or removed in its normal life cycle, the product is easily removed with a chemical stripper with Butyl or a NeverStrip Enhanced Prep Pad or a 3M Surface Prep Pad, respectively.

Total Transformation

When it is no longer desired to see and maintain the tile and grout floor, [maybe the floor is looking like the 1950s], NeverStrip Dealers transform ceramic and porcelain floors into a seamless floor using the NeverStrip portfolio of High Build Coatings, Flakes and Blended Quartz. This approach transforms the ceramic or porcelain floor into a modern looking, high traction, seamless, easy to clean floor for highly demanding commercial environments, including restrooms, hallways and kitchens, while dramatically reducing down time and construction dust. Also, at a much lower cost than replacement. Order NeverStrip's best floor sealers, including our vinyl, tile, and concrete sealers, today!