Resilient Flooring



Restoring or preserving your flooring while making sure it is safe for everyone who comes into contact with it is critical to saving money and time in the long run. At NeverStrip, we have created durable and safe floor sealers to preserve your...

Resilient Micron Floor Sealer

NeverStrip Floor Coatings manufactures floor coatings with a difference. Our coatings are used in all sorts of different environments — from commercial and industrial spaces to residential homes. Our products are designed to lower long-term floor care costs, enhance your floors’ appearance, and...


It’s 2022, and traditional floor “wax” is no longer the best way to protect the floors in your property. You need to find a more advanced floor coating solution that can prevent damage to your floors, keep your maintenance costs down, and improve the appearance of your building. Read on to...


How does one seal LVT seams when Luxury Vinyl Tile “LVT” most often has a factory-applied urethane coating? These UV-cured coatings protect the floor from abuse and allow LVT floors, in most cases, to go without a flooring sealer or finish applied and maintained after installation of the...


Rich Batka, Director of Building and Grounds, Brookfield-La Grange Park School District #95 goal was to Lower Floor Care Maintenance Costs for VCT, LVT and Sheet Vinyl. Rich discovered how to lower floor care maintenance costs for VCT, LVT and Sheet Vinyl floors by using NeverStrip Gloss...


Maintaining LVT within schools is easy to do and is low cost with NeverStrip Vinyl Seal™, a NeverStrip Micron Coating.

NeverStrip Floor Coatings (“NeverStrip”) recently interviewed an architect, who asked the question, is LVT the Right Choice for Schools?

The Architect wishes to be...


Linoleum is a green, sustainable flooring choice. Demanding commercial traffic will scratch and dull any flooring. Linoleum is no exception.


BMW Janitorial in southeast Iowa is using NeverStrip Vinyl Seal to produce “Big City” benefits for its grocery store clients.

Brian M. Warning, said: “I have...


How to refresh Luxury Vinyl Tile, or LVT, is a question being asked more and more. It’s a concern of facility owners worldwide.

LVT is the most popular, rapidly growing type of flooring in the world. It is taking market share away from all other types of flooring,...

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Choosing the correct commercial floor coating for your business is essential to ensure your floors' long-lasting and durable quality. If you're in the market for the...


NeverStrip Vinyl Seal in Grocery Store Versus Wax

NeverStrip Vinyl Seal replaces conventional floor finish or wax on VCT...


Improve LVT TractionImprove LVT Traction

NeverStrip Vinyl Seal (“Vinyl Seal”) is used to improve LVT traction. This resilient floor sealant is a member of NeverStrip Floor Coatings (“NeverStrip”) Family of Micron Coatings. Vinyl Seal is to be used on resilient flooring including luxury...


Longer Lasting Gym Floor Urethane Coatings for Demanding Schools

Schools have learned there are longer lasting gym floor urethane coatings available for demanding schools. These NeverStrip products replace the use of conventional gym floor urethane products, which require annual...


A Kansas City entertainment venue was interested in sealing ProtectAll Flooring. During 2018, 2,500 square feet of Protect-All flooring was installed. The facility selected the Protect-All flooring for its sound absorbing properties, durability and high traction. The facility selected the...