Are NeverStrip Floor Sealers Safe for Children?

Are NeverStrip Floor Sealers Safe for Children?

Restoring or preserving your flooring while making sure it is safe for everyone who comes into contact with it is critical to saving money and time in the long run. At NeverStrip, we have created durable and safe floor sealers to preserve your floors and protect them from damage. We have received multiple questions about whether or not our products are safe for children. When creating our floor sealers, we spared no expense ensuring that they are indeed safe for everyone. Here are four aspects that make NeverStrip great floor sealing solutions for any application!


Health Standards

The United States has very stringent regulations when it comes to air quality and health quality for floor sealers. NeverStrip meets all of them, including meeting the standards for volatile organic compounds, experiencing no leeching, and being made with ingredients that are benign for humans!



NeverStrip floor sealers are made to be durable and able to withstand all of the abuse that adults and kids tend to deal to your flooring. NeverStrip floor sealers are remarkably hard, meaning that dirt and organic matter do not make their way into the sealer. This hardness also makes it very difficult for bacteria and mold to grow on the flooring itself!



NeverStrip is able to be used on any hard flooring from concrete to LVT and even tile. No matter what flooring NeverStrip is used on, slipping becomes much less common. We tested our floor sealers for consistency and slip potential and the coefficient of friction is such that kids (and adults) will feel confident walking all over your flooring!



Due to its hardness, NeverStrip floor sealers are incredibly easy to clean. Whether someone spilled juice or tracked in mud, the floors will take much less effort to ensure that everything is cleaned up!

Safety, durability, low-maintenance, and reliability have all been implemented into our products. So, if you are looking for floor sealer for concrete, LVT, ceramic and porcelain tile, or other hard floors. NeverStrip is the perfect option for you! Find out more and reach out to us today!

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