Benefits of NeverStrip Micron Sealers

Benefits of NeverStrip Micron Sealers

Choosing the correct commercial floor coating for your business is essential to ensure your floors' long-lasting and durable quality. If you're in the market for the best LVT floor sealer, look no further! NeverStrip Micron Sealers are thin, inorganic-compound coatings designed for durability across different industries. They provide many benefits, including easier cleaning and better sealing of seams without the need for any stripping. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of NeverStrip Micron Sealers!


Attractive Traction

One of the many reasons NeverStrip Micron Sealers are a popular solution for luxury vinyl tile sealing is its excellent traction. These Micron Sealers offer outstanding traction when wet and dry to decrease the risk of slips and falls. These sealers will help maintain a safe flooring environment for employees and the public. This also protects the surface from scratches and scuffs to extend the life of your floor.


Fast Drying

NeverStrip Micron Sealers is a fast-drying solution for your commercial or industrial flooring. The product dries in less than 10 minutes and requires as little as 3 to 4 applications. Whereas luxury vinyl tile wax can take up to 45 minutes and requires as many as 8 coats! With NeverStrip Micron Sealers your floors are back in use almost immediately with no operational impact. So you can cut down on labor costs and save time with NeverStrip Micron Sealers.


Low Maintenance

Another main benefit of NeverStrip Micron Sealers is their low maintenance. Replacing luxury vinyl tile wax with a NeverStrip Micron Coating can cut your floor care labor by up to 70%! They seal the floor's surface so that no dirt or dust settles onto the floor. Instead, dirt will sit on top of the coating to make cleaning a much easier and more economical process. Any cleaner will be more effective on top of the NeverStrip surface.


Rich Appearance

NeverStrip Micron Sealers enhance your floor and provide a natural, rich surface appearance. They also have a 7-year proven performance record to ensure a long-lasting shine and enhanced appearance. Plus, they're easy to repair and refresh. You can easily maintain your floors and make sure they’re always looking their best with NeverStrip Micron Sealers!

Sealing laminate floorings is fast, easy, and effective with NeverStrip Micron Sealers. If you're looking for the best LVT floor sealer for luxury vinyl tile sealing, NeverStrip can help! We provide exceptional floor coatings for commercial, residential, and industrial facilities. Learn more about the benefits of NeverStrip Micron Sealers today!

Learn About the Benefits of NeverStrip Micron Sealers!