Sealing ProtectAll Flooring

A Kansas City entertainment venue was interested in sealing ProtectAll Flooring. During 2018, 2,500 square feet of Protect-All flooring was installed. The facility selected the Protect-All flooring for its sound absorbing properties, durability and high traction. The facility selected the NeverStrip Micron coatings to be applied onto the ProtectAll flooring for their appearance, clean-ability and traction.

Sealing ProtectAll Flooring

Heavy carts loaded down with stage materials were leaving scuffs on the floor. The scuffs were difficult to remove. The facility wanted a floor coating solution for eliminating scuffs altogether. Or, making the scuffs easier to remove with daily cleaning.

The Solution

The chosen solution for sealing ProtectAll Flooring was NeverStrip Micron products. The system applied was NeverStrip Micron Primer followed by NeverStrip Vinyl Seal.

The Process

Floorsmith used the following process for sealing ProtectAll Flooring:

  • Restorative cleaning with NeverStrip Deep Clean with a black pad
  • Extraction
  • Two applications of NeverStrip Micron Primer with a flat, smooth pad
  • Two applications of NeverStrip Vinyl Seal

The entire floor coating process for 2,500 square feet took 9 hours with two workers.

The Result

NeverStrip’s coating system has been a big success. Sealing ProtectAll Flooring with NeverStrip has reduced scuffs. The scuffs and marks, which do appear, are now easier to remove. The floor now has an attractive “satin” sheen with enriched colors, thanks to this best floor sealer.

Ongoing Cleaning and Maintenance

NeverStrip Micron Clean at 1 ounce per gallon of water is best for daily cleaning this floor coating. An auto scrubber is best with red pad or equal brush.

Micron Restore is a NeverStrip restorative cleaner for the Micron coatings. Use 4-12 ounces per gallon of water. Clean the floor coating with an auto scrubber and red pad.

NeverStrip Micron Technology

Micron Primer and Vinyl Seal are part of the NeverStrip family of Micron Floor Coatings. The word Micron reflects the “micron thinness” of the dry film. A three coat floor coating system produces a dry total film thickness of less than 10 microns. A single mil of thickness is 25.4 mils.

Micron coatings include:

  • NeverStrip Tile Seal for ceramic, porcelain and quarry tile
  • NeverStrip Stone, Terrazzo and Concrete Seal for hard surfaces
  • NeverStrip Liquid Grip for high traction in wet environments

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