How to refresh Luxury Vinyl Tile, or LVT

How to refresh Luxury Vinyl Tile, or LVT, is a question being asked more and more. It’s a concern of facility owners worldwide.

LVT is the most popular, rapidly growing type of flooring in the world. It is taking market share away from all other types of flooring, especially carpet and VCT. But, what does one do when the LVT stains or scratches? Most LVT is treated with a UV-cured urethane in the factory. This flooring and urethane are not meant to be refreshed in-place in the field after installation.

So, what is one to do when the floor becomes stained from yellow mustard, betadine, red wine, etc. etc. What about scratching from improper chair glides, walkers with plastic leg tips, or a pebble stuck to the bottom of a shoe?

What is needed is a process to remove the stain or buff out the scratch, and then easily and cost effectively apply a flooring sealer to refresh the flooring to a like-new appearance. What is also needed is a resilient floor sealer to protect the luxury vinyl tile or LVT from ongoing abuse, while bringing out the richness of the floor and its colors.

NeverStrip Floor Coating’s Micron Sealer, Vinyl Seal, is used to seal, protect and maintain luxury vinyl tile. It enriches the colors, provides an attractive sheen, and refreshes worn out, stained, or scratched LVT. We invite you to try our LVT floor sealer to protect it from scratches and refresh its look. Order online today!

The picture below shows NeverStrip Vinyl Seal refreshing worn out LVT at a Midwestern college cafeteria.