What Makes NeverStrip Different?

What Makes NeverStrip Different?

NeverStrip Floor Coatings manufactures floor coatings with a difference. Our coatings are used in all sorts of different environments — from commercial and industrial spaces to residential homes. Our products are designed to lower long-term floor care costs, enhance your floors’ appearance, and also often to improve floor traction. Read on to learn more about the NeverStrip difference, or contact us today to get a free quote on new floor coatings!



Our team collectively has experience that spans across a massive breadth of floor product knowledge, installation techniques, and maintenance capabilities. From micron floors to thin film floors, we have the solutions you need and, just as important, the expertise to install, maintain, and in general make your new floor system a success



NeverStrip has a North American network of Authorized Contractor Dealers in over 75 cities who typically have been in business for 10+ years and have annual sales from $2 to $100 million. All dealers take NeverStrip training programs to ensure they know what they are doing.


Top-Grade Technology

Two of our main types of coatings we provide are micron and thin film.

  • Micron Floor Coatings: These are very thin, rapid dry, burnishable, silica-based floor coatings ideally suited for demanding commercial environments including schools, restaurants, health care and retail. It is made of NeverStrip proprietary compounds.

  • Thin Film Floor Coatings: NeverStrip Thin Film Systems are typically single coat or have a primer coat followed by a thin, clear, non-yellowing topcoat. It is a polyaspartic coating that is designed for extreme performance, suitable for concrete and epoxy based applications.


Requires Just One Coat

Most of our floor coating options are fast and easy to apply, only requiring one coat to achieve their optimal effect. This leads to lower costs and lower risk of errors.

When you are looking for attractive, scratch-resistant, abrasion-resistant, stain-resistant, and easily refreshable floors that are easy to clean and achieve your other goals with your flooring, contact NeverStrip Floor Coatings for 21st century floor care technology!

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