NeverStrip Vinyl Seal in Grocery Store Versus Wax

NeverStrip Vinyl Seal in Grocery Store Versus Wax

NeverStrip Vinyl Seal replaces conventional floor finish or wax on VCT flooring at an Iowa grocery store.

Vinyl Seal benefits versus wax include:

– Much more rapid dry times (5-minutes versus 20-40 minutes for wax)

– Our floor sealants offer less burnishing frequency, we have seen 70% reduction of burnishing

– Eliminate ongoing stripping, no need to strip but easy to do

– Less scrub and recoats with this best floor coating

– Superior coverage per gallon of product

– Our floor sealant offers better protection against scratching, scuffing and staining

– Less life cycle cost per sq. foot

NeverStrip Vinyl Seal is designed for resilient flooring such as VCT, LVT and rubber. It is an outstanding choice to replace wax or conventional floor finish.

Vinyl Seal is part of the NeverStrip family of Micron Coatings. These coatings are super thin and are inorganic based. Wax is made from oil. Vinyl Seal is not. An example of inorganic is minerals, such as granite or marble.

Vinyl Seal can be burnished with any speed machine and will benefit from essentially all burnishing pads including diamond encrusted pads at 1,600, or above grit. If you are looking for the best resilient floor coatings, try our amazing floor sealants today!