Low Cost Tile Grout Restoration

Low cost tile grout restoration is achievable with NeverStrip Tile and NeverStrip Color Sealer™. This solution is a fast, inexpensive way to make an old tile and grout floor (porcelain, ceramic and brick) look new and significantly easier to maintain. Plus, you'll have less slippery floors that are shinier.

This tile and grout restoration system can be successfully used in any commercial environment with tile and grout flooring in restrooms, lobbies, locker rooms, showers, etc.

Low Cost Tile Grout Restoration

– Convert an old, tired, oftentimes tired looking grout and floor into a new, fresh floor. This System goes well beyond just a deep cleaning of the floor.

– Achieve an easier to maintain and clean surface, where the soil and stains sit on top of the surface instead of grinding into the texture and crevices of the grout and tile (many tile floors are not smooth but textured-which captures and holds soil)

– Reduce or even eliminate odors, which have built up over the years from urine seeping into the floor

– Prevent/reduce ongoing staining from urine

– Often improve the coefficient of friction

– Low pennies per sq. foot cost due to Tile Seals high square foot coverage, typically 5,000 sq. feet or more per gallon per coat.

Low-cost tile and grout restoration is achievable with NeverStrip urethane-based grout Color Sealer product. It is not only easy to apply and dries in minutes with no odor, but it also holds up to years of commercial abuse with periodic deep cleaning. NeverStrip Color Sealer not only makes the grout look better than new, but it also keeps the soil away from the porous grout. The soil and staining simply stay on top of the Color Sealer or the Tile Seal making it much easier to clean and remove.

NeverStrip silica-based Tile Seal provides a low-cost tile and grout restoration, as follows: 1) an easier to clean surface than the tile itself 2) an outstanding coefficient of friction, often better than the tile itself, 3) an easily refreshable and maintainable surface and 4) an enhanced appearance for the floor. You receive all of these values with a simple to apply and super-fast drying product with no odor. If you are looking to learn how to keep grout clean, have less slippery floors, and how to make ceramic floors shinier, contact us for grout and tile restoration today!