NeverStrip Floor Coatings Offers Product for Medical Facilities

NeverStrip Floor Coatings has been approached multiple times in the past weeks by separate medical facilities regarding the inadequacies of conventional acrylic, cross-linked floor finish or wax. These facilities were both looking for floor care solutions to better protect their floors and for their floor finishes to better resist disinfectants and alcohol hand-sanitizers. The surgical center and medical center both were introduced to NeverStrip Authorized Dealers, who addressed the needs using NeverStrip Gloss™ and NeverStrip Satin™ high performance urethane coatings.

A Northern California Surgical Center contacted NeverStrip. The Facility Director said, “They must be doing something different with disinfectant cleaners because they are destroying our wax.” He said, “We need a better solution that will hold up against the disinfectant cleaner without increasing the time, labor and materials needed to maintain their floors.” He also said, “We want shiny floors, which will not require burnishing and stripping.” In short, he was looking for a comprehensive floor sealer that got the job done.

A large Midwest hospital had the same complaint about gel based alcohol hand sanitizers destroying wax. This medical center had just completed waxing 7,000 sq. feet of newly installed luxury vinyl tile (LVT”) and within days realized the wax was being destroyed from the alcohol hand sanitizer gel falling on the wax.

Two separate NeverStrip Dealers have now applied NeverStrip Gloss and NeverStrip Satin to VCT and LVT at these respective facilities. These NeverStrip two-part, aliphatic water-based floor coatings are dramatically more resistant to disinfectant cleaners and alcohol hand-sanitizers than conventional floor finish or wax and require less time, labor and materials to maintain.

NeverStrip Floor Coatings is a provider of exceptional, high-performance floor coatings, primarily for health care, education, and property management and retail environments. To get started with the best in floor sealers for your medical facility, order today!