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NeverStrip Makes Porcelain Floors Shine

NeverStrip offers a variety of floor care products to help improve the appearance of flooring, maintain flooring, and revitalize flooring. Our floor care products are top-notch, used by professional flooring companies across the United States and Canada to help their customers achieve show-stopping results and have beautiful flooring. Learn more about how our exceptional floor care products help keep porcelain floors clean below, and contact us today!

The Problem of Keeping Porcelain Flooring Clean

Edgewood Valley Country Club could not keep its locker rooms' white, textured porcelain flooring clean. The texture was great for traction near the showers. However, the texture grabbed and held soil, making it nearly impossible for the maintenance staff to get the floor clean.

The Flooring Solution

Pinpoint Maintenance implemented a one-day, 3-step process to restore the tile and grout floor to a like-new condition, while also providing an easier to clean floor.

The process was:

1) A deep cleaning with NeverStrip Deep Clean and Grout Prep.

2) A grout sealing with the urethane-based, NeverStrip Color Sealer in the Club’s selected color.

3) A wall to wall application of NeverStrip Tile Seal.

What To Expect With NeverStrip Tile Seal

NeverStrip Tile Seal provides three core benefits for tile and grout floors:

1) Traction is retained or even improved.

2) A like-new appearance or better.

3) An easier to clean floor.

Pinpoint Maintenance is a family-owned and operated company providing cleaning, restoration, and floor coatings solutions that promote a healthier, “greener” environment for families. Contact Sean Spurney at 630-437-1181 and

Call NeverStrip Today

NeverStrip offers the best in floor care solutions, and we take pride in the fact that our flooring coatings work on all types of flooring, including porcelain. Contractors, such as Pinpoint Maintenance, across the United States and Canada trust NeverStrip to revitalize their floors with our amazing micron sealing products, offer a restorative clean with NeverStrip Deep Clean, seal grout lines with our NeverStrip Grout Color Sealer, and so much more. The possibilities for your flooring are endless.

In fact, there are many benefits that our 21st century floor care technology can offer to your customers' flooring. These include:

  • High shine

  • Protection from Scratching

  • Protection from Staining

  • No Stripping, Ever

  • Resistant to Alcohol Sanitizers

  • Resistant to Disinfectants

  • Attractive Traction

  • Dries in 10 Minutes

  • Less Labor & Costs to Maintain than Wax

What's more, the actual application process for your staff is a piece of cake. Our flooring products are designed to be quick to apply leaving no mess behind. This makes the entire floor care process as easy as can be, leaving you more time to improve the lives of other customers.

To get started on offering your customers beautiful, low-maintenance flooring with great traction, contact us today!

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