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NeverStrip Tile Seal Gets Rid of Epoxy Haze

When it comes to your flooring, you want it to shine. After all, a shiny floor can give everyone who sees it a warm, fuzzy feeling inside. In addition, it oozes the feeling of clean, which we all love. NeverStrip offers amazing floor care products and floor finish coatings that you'll not only love, but that get results. Our 21st century floor care products promise to restore flooring to a beautiful condition. Learn about how NeverStrip Tile Seal can get rid of epoxy haze below, and contact us today!

The Initial Problem

Texan Floor Service received a call about an epoxy grout haze problem on a new ceramic tile installation. The tile had been installed for six months, and the haze wouldn’t go away. Jesse Castro of Texas Floor Service was contracted to solve the issue.

Jesse started with Mapei epoxy remover, but had no success. For the next test, he tried Aquamic coating and sealer remover (which requires use of a respirator) — again with no success. The third test with Fila epoxy remover also failed. It was time to think outside the box.

NeverStrip Tile Seal Does the Trick

NeverStrip Tile Seal had been used with success on many projects for Texan Floor Service. Could it work for epoxy haze? Jesse’s team applied a small test with two coats of Tile Seal, and the results were great. The client approved, and the team proceeded with the restroom floors and walls. Almost 7,000 square feet were treated in two days. The client was extremely happy.

Texan Floor Service is an employee-owned commercial flooring company serving the Houston area. They provide flooring for commercial spaces of all shapes and sizes – no project is too large or too small. To learn more, contact Jesse Castro at 713-956-9966, or

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NeverStrip is proud to provide our top-rated floor care products to flooring contractors and others who service floors across the U.S. and Canada. We are proud of the results that our floor coatings yield, leaving floors of all types (including tile, epoxy, concrete, stone, Terrazzo, and more) looking like new. Our floor products refresh floors, preventing the premature and costly replacement of flooring. This not only saves the customer money, but it also saves the environment, as less flooring materials end up in landfills and fewer source materials are used as well. We are proud that our floor care products help with everything from eliminating dust, helping protect flooring from stains, and improves traction, making your floors safe. In addition, you'll save time on floor care and maintenance. What could be better? To get started, reach out to our team today!

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