NeverStrip Tile Seal on Ceramic and Porcelain Pool Decks for Easier Cleaning and Improved Anti-Slip Properti

Sealing Ceramic

Summit Custom Coatings, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada has been sealing ceramic with multiple applications of NeverStrip Tile Seal on ceramic and/or porcelain flooring of public pool decks during the past two years. These facilities are busy public recreation centers with hundreds of thousands of annual guests.


The pool owners and lifeguards have told Summit Custom Coatings:

1. Sealing ceramic with Tile Seal has made it easier to clean the floor;

2. Slip and fall events have declined since applying Tile Seal, A head lifeguard in charge said, “They were very pleased with the anti-slip effectiveness.”

3 Tile Seal has not been affected by the chlorinated water and other chemicals used to maintain the pool,

4. Tile Seal has been re applied yearly to maintain its high traction.

5. Tile Seal improved the overall appearance of the floor by enriching the tile and providing a soft sheen appearance.

The following SWOT Analysis details the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats of the Tile Seal based Micron Coating System on ceramic and Porcelain pool decks.


– Our tile sealer is cost effective per square foot

– Sealing ceramic with three Micron-thin applications with microfiber pad at 5,000 sq. feet or greater per coat

–This best tile sealers is easy to clean and maintain

– 5-10 minute dry times after each application

– Low to no odor

– Does not require an etching or abrasion of the tile prior to application

– NeverStrip Tile Seal does not require aggregate for added traction

– End User claims fewer slip and fall events since applying Tile Seal

– Attractive Satin finish

– Our tile sealer offers UV stable for outdoor use

– Enriches the tile

– Annual recoat process

– No stripping required with this best tile sealer

– Easily removed, if desired


– Tile Seal will not seal the grout

– Keep water off the floor for 8 hours after application

– Our floor sealer will highlight floor imperfections; will not hide imperfections on the floor


– Our floor sealer typically improves traction compared to bare ceramic or porcelain

– Typically reduces time and cost of cleaning

– Can seal the grout with NeverStrip Color Sealer prior to Tile Seal for a more comprehensive System

– This best tile sealer avoids permanently acid etching or abrading the tile surface, which can make the tile surface more difficult to clean

– Tile Seal on pool decks is applicable for outdoor applications; UV stable

– NeverStrip Tile Seal will not promote microbial growth



Overview and Summary

Tile Seal is designed to be used on hard floor surfaces such as ceramic, porcelain and brick. Tile Seal requires minimal floor preparation for application and does not require any acid etching of the tile. Tile Seal is easy to apply with a microfiber pad and dries rapidly in minutes.

Tile Seal is a member of the NeverStrip Family of high performance, Micron Coatings. A discussion of the Micron technology and products is available at at

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