Cost Effective Marble Restoration

T.V.S. Floor Coatings and Restoration completed a cost effective marble restoration. A homeowner was going to replace all the marble flooring in her house. Over 3,500 square feet. The homeowner assumed that she needed to replace the marble, at a cost approaching $100,000. The floors had extensive staining and the non-sanded grout was in terrible shape.

Shelby and Jim of T.V.S. knew how well NeverStrip™ floor coating products perform on marble. The marble restoration was achievable at a fraction of the cost and time of replacement. Our best floor sealants were a cost effective marble restoration.

TVS created a plan that would take1week to finish. It took 6 days. This was a big improvement over the multi-month estimate to replace the marble

NeverStrip Deep Clean™

Deep Clean is an alkaline cleaner formulated to clean marble, ceramic and porcelain.

T.V.S used Deep Clean with an oscillating Square Scrub machine and a Green Turf Pad.

NeverStrip Color Sealer™

Color Sealer is a premium grade, urethane-based, opaque grout color floor sealer. It makes old grout look new and keeps it that way. It is oil repellent, stain resistant, breathable, flexible, waterproof, color stable. Showers are a good application for Color Sealer.

NeverStrip Stone, Terrazzo and Concrete Seal™

The marble and grout were both sealed with Stone, Terrazzo and Concrete Seal (“STC”). STC is a clear, silica based, sealer for all natural stones, terrazzo and concrete.

The showers (floors, walls, and ceilings) received three floor sealant applications. Marble and grout throughout the home got two floor coating applications. STC covered 1500 sq. feet per quart per coat. The homeowner appreciated no odor and the 5 minute dry times!

The restoration using our top-rated floor coatings was a huge success. The homeowner is happy. She hired T.V.S to refinish her granite countertops, of course, with NeverStrip floor coating products.

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