NeverStrip Micron Polishing for Concrete

Faster polished concrete to a 1600 grit appearance is achieved with NeverStrip. This is a faster System compared to mechanical polishing systems. The labor costs are much less for a comparable or equal appearance for concrete floor finishes..

NeverStrip and a global concrete equipment manufacturer recently worked together to test our concrete sealer. We developed polished concrete four different ways. Step 1 used 100 grit hybrid diamonds to polish the concrete. Next, diamond tooling to 800, 1600, and 3000 grit polished the concrete. Then, we compared the four.

We discovered that the NeverStrip concrete looked like the polished concrete to 1600 grit.

The following table quantifies activities with each slab using the NeverStrip Micron Polishing System for concrete and three mechanical polishing systems to 800, 1600 and 3000 grit levels, respectively. If you want a cost-effective concrete polishing system, shop our concrete stain and sealer today!