Outstanding results in major international airport

NeverStrip Stone, Terrazzo and Concrete Seal has been used on hundreds of thousands of square feet of terrazzo throughout a major international airport for 3+ years with outstanding results.

The floor was initially polished to 800 grit diamonds with a planetary machine. Two applications of Stone, Terrazzo and Concrete Seal were then applied at 5,000 sq. feet per gallon per application. Each floor sealer application was then burnished with a 6,000 grit diamond encrusted pad using a propane burnisher.

The ongoing maintenance of the floor coating has been daily cleaning with auto scrubber and red pad; weekly burnishing with a diamond pad and annually one coat of floor sealer has been applied to the highest demand areas.

The floor care contractor, who applied the Stone, Terrazzo and Concrete Seal and maintains the floor coatings, has told NeverStrip this floor coating system has been easier to clean and maintain than any previous terrazzo polishing system previously used by them. He said soil releases easily from the floor sealer. The floor responds very well to burnishing. The Stone, Terrazzo and Concrete Seal holds up to heavy foot; wheeled baggage traffic and ice melt. There has been no need to remove or strip the floor sealer due to discoloration or any other reason. Order our best floor sealers and coatings today!