Restore Stained Concrete Floors

Restore stained concrete floors are achievable with NeverStrip Stone, Terrazzo and Concrete Seal. This floor coating product delivers cost-effective restoration of stained concrete floors

Texan Floor Service, Houston, Texas-Stained Concrete for Less

Texan Floor Services moved into its new Houston facility during May 2019. The offices had 2,000 sq. feet of stained concrete. The floors looked tired and unattractive. They desperately needed a top-rated floor coating, such as NeverStrip Stone, Terrazzo, and Concrete Seal.

Jesse Castro, Maintenance Manager, elected to restore the stained concrete floors using NeverStrip Stone, Terrazzo, and Concrete Seal. Jesse chose the NeverStrip product because it was quick and easy.He also knew the floor sealant product provided outstanding traction for employees, customers, and guests. Lastly, Jeff Hill, CEO, wanted a high-shine floor that would look beautiful and make a great first impression.

What was the Floor Sealant Process?

The Texas Floor Services team was able to restore stained concrete floors with NeverStrip, as follows:

  1. Protected all surrounding areas and surfaces with tape and plastic sheeting.
  2. Scrubbed the floor with a red pad, mild cleaner and water to remove any existing contaminants.
  3. Conditioned the floor with two passes of the 3M Surface Prep Pad (SPP).
  4. Rinsed the floor with water and let the floor dry to the touch.
  5. Applied 2 applications of NeverStrip Stone, Terrazzo, and Concrete Seal. One gallon of floor coating product was all which was needed. Two floor coatings were applied on 2,000 sq. feet. This coverage worked out to 4,000 sq. feet per gallon per coat.
  6. Burnished after each floor coating with an electric burnisher using NeverStrip Shine Diamond Encrusted Pad.
  7. Total labor for the above was 18 man hours.

What were the Results?

  • Cost-effective restoration of stained concrete floors with our floor coatings
  • High shine
  • Fast turn around - Stone, Terrazzo, and Concrete Seal dried in 10 minutes and did a great job to restore stained concrete floors.
  • High traction-Jesse knows that Stone, Terrazzo and Concrete Seal provides outstanding floor traction, wet and dry.
  • Low cost-1 gallon of Stone, Terrazzo, and Concrete Seal and 18 total man hours was highly efficient.
  • No need to touch-up or do anything to the original stain other than clean it after the floor coatings were applied.


NeverStrip was founded in 2010 with the mission to offer alternative floor finishing solutions, such as floor coatings and sealers, that would help floors shine brightly. Our cutting-edge flooring products help thousands of businesses and individuals across the United States and Canada have the best floor care possible that is easy and affordable. Our floor care products are used by contractors in order to ensure the best possible application methods. If you are frustrated with your floor's appearance or performance, reach out to us to learn more today!

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