Ceramic Porcelain Sealer

Ceramic Porcelain Sealer

A high quality, commercial grade ceramic porcelain sealer has been hard to find. Not any more! NeverStrip Tile Seal™ is a high quality, commercial grade ceramic porcelain sealer. Apply Tile Seal onto ceramic, porcelain, quarry tile and brick. The top-rated resilient floor sealer has performed in schools, hospitals, office buildings, airports and demanding commercial buildings for more than four years. Performance of this ceramic porcelain sealer can last for years between re-coats. Also, removing the Tile Seal is not necessary in its normal life cycle. In addition, Tile Seal is easy to maintain with numerous commercially available cleaners. NeverStrip has its own specific Micron cleaners for Tile Seal. These cleaners are NeverStrip Micron Clean™ and NeverStrip Micron Restore™.

What does Tile Seal do? Why is it so special?

Tile Seal is a ceramic porcelain sealer that makes the floor look great with an attractive satin sheen. The product is applied Micron thin at 5,000 square feet per gallon per coat.

Customers tell us their ceramic floors have more traction, especially when wet. In addition, Tile Seal produces wet slip results, using a BOT 3000 slip meter, greater than 0.60. The National Floor Safety Institute considers this a High Traction Floor. Commercial facility managers say the ceramic or porcelain are easier to clean with Tile Seal. In particular, it is easier to clean textured tile with NeverStrip Tile Seal on the surface. Textured ceramic or porcelain has become more common. Hence, the tile flooring manufacturers have added texture. This texture has an appealing appearance and provides a higher traction, especially with wet floors. Commercial facilities and home owners have a difficult time keeping these textured floors clean. In particular, office building lobbies and locker rooms have been popular places to use this best ceramic porcelain sealer

Where is Tile Seal applied as a ceramic porcelain sealer?

Restrooms, lobbies, hallways, locker rooms, showers are typical places to use Tile Seal. It is not recommended for commercial kitchens. The grease overwhelms this floor sealer. Use Tile Seal indoors or outdoors as a ceramic porcelain sealer. Use Tile Seal in homes and commercial buildings. A NeverStrip Dealer recently used Tile Seal on an external brick walkway at a condo building in Honolulu, Hawaii. The residents wanted the brick to look better and desired more traction on rainy days.

How is Tile Seal applied?

Apply Tile Seal with a hand-held quart bottle with a spray nozzle. Spray the ceramic porcelain sealer onto a microfiber pad and then spray a light mist of this floor sealer onto the floor in 3 foot by 6 foot sections at a time. It is easy. The product dries in 5 to 10 minutes. This resilient floor sealer blends really well. There is no odor. Two applications are the norm. Apply the product at 4,000 to 5,000 square feet per gallon per coat. How thin is that?

What is the appearance as a ceramic porcelain sealer?

Satin sheen with enriched colors are typical. Customers rave about the appearance. Go to: https://www.neverstrip.com/gallery/ to see Tile Seal Before and After pictures.

How is Tile Seal maintained?

Keep Tile Seal clean. A mop is fine. An auto scrubber for commercial facilities is better. Use a white or red pad for daily use. Water alone will often do the job. Stay away from acidic cleaners and clean with di-limousine or butyl. NeverStrip Micron Clean™ and NeverStrip Micron Restore™ are great choices. Micron Restore is best used every 30 cleanings. It puts micro droplets of the “magic sauce” onto the floor during a normal cleaning process. It is easy to refresh Tile Seal by cleaning the floor and applying a new coat of our floor sealant.

Also, Tile Seal seals grout. It makes the soil and other contaminants sit on top to more easily clean. It helps keep grout from turning black.

What is Tile Seal?

Tile Seal is not an impregnating sealer. It is a micron-thin, silicon-based flooring sealer. This ceramic porcelain sealer is not made from petroleum. Technology is unique, advanced and green. Tile Seal is not a wax and never needs to be removed. However, Tile Seal can easily be removed, if needed. NeverStrip Tile Seal is not a urethane or an epoxy. This ceramic porcelain sealant is highly resistant to UV light. Go to https://www.neverstrip.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/Micron_Overview_2018.pdf to read an overview of the NeverStrip Micron Coating technology.

Are there Other Micron-Thin NeverStrip Products?

NeverStrip Vinyl Seal is for VCT and LVT. NeverStrip Stone, Terrazzo and Concrete Seal™ is used on natural stones, terrazzo and concrete. NeverStrip Liquid Grip is used in wet areas where high traction with a fine aggregate feel is desired. A common use for Liquid Grip is shower floors.

Vinyl Seal replaces floor finish or wax on resilient flooring. Users typically reduce burnishing; # of coats maintained and scrub and re coat procedures by 50% or more.

Stone, Terrazzo and Concrete Seal provides a high polished appearance with dramatic labor and diamond tooling reductions. On concrete, the NeverStrip system produces a 1600 to 3000 grit polished appearance, while stopping at 200 grit resin diamonds.

Who is NeverStrip Floor Coatings?

NeverStrip is a manufacturer of exceptional, high performance floor coatings. The company distributes through a North American network of Authorized Contractor Dealers. NeverStrip is headquartered in La Grange, Illinois, a Chicago suburb.

NeverStrip is an Authorized Vendor Partner for Starnet Worldwide Commercial Flooring Partnership and FUSE Alliance. These cooperatives are the two largest such organizations in North America, if not the world. Go to https://www.fusealliance.com andhttp://www.starnetflooring.com to learn more about these two influential flooring industry organizations.

For more information concerning NeverStrip contact Dave Beedie at 630-330-1010 and david.beedie@neverstrip.com or David Klick at 913-710-7000 and david.klick@neverstrip.com. Also, check out all the Blogs at https://www.neverstrip.com/blog/.